Vacancy Integrated Circuit Design Support Engineer


The Design group of IDLab, Ghent University and imec is seeking a Support Engineer, who will be responsible for maintenance of its state-of-the-art integrated circuit design software environment. In addition, the Support Engineer will be expected to support the group’s IC design teams through mask layout in advanced semiconductor processes, as well as to design and realize high-performance printed circuit boards for prototype evaluation services.


The Design group of IDLab conducts significant research in the area of high-speed integrated circuit design, and for this relies on a sophisticated ECAD design environment. This environment relies on software packages and libraries supplied by specialist ECAD tool vendors and semiconductor foundries; it runs on dedicated (Linux) servers. This software and hardware environment requires significant effort to maintain, install and upgrade.

In addition, the Design group yearly develops a significant amount of integrated circuits, from design until mask layout. Mask layout is an intensive and highly skilled task, for which the group now wishes to attract and train additional team members.

The Design group therefore seeks a Support Engineer with following specific responsibilities: 

  1. Maintenance, upgrading and installation of the ECAD software environment, run on dedicated hardware, in close consultation with the Design group members and the existing ICT support team available at IDLab,
  2. Execution of mask layout tasks, in close collaboration with the IC design team, which consists of a mix of senior researchers and PhD students,
  3. Design and realization of high-performance printed circuit boards or similar to support test and characterization of integrated circuit designs.

Required skills

  • An MSc degree or equivalent in the domain of ICT or electronic engineering,
  • Knowledge of Linux Operating Systems and ICT networks will be considered a plus,
  • Knowledge of IC design tools such as Cadence and mask layout will be considered a plus,
  • Knowledge of English.
  • The nature of this position comes with a significant amount of responsibility, as the design environment is a central piece of infrastructure of the Design group. You are therefore by nature a meticulous person with a strong eye to detail.
  • You feel comfortable handling multiple on-going tasks in parallel, if necessary against strict timelines.
  • You integrate well into a multi-cultured and diverse team, and you feel comfortable in the role of being a central part of the team, which will rely on you for support.

Our offer

The successful candidate will join an internationally renowned team of high-speed electronic integrated circuit designers. He or she will get the opportunity to learn the required skills necessary to maintain the existing ECAD environment. Training for completing mask layout tasks in some of the world’s most advanced semiconductor processes will be provided.


Contact person: Prof. Johan Bauwelinck,