AI for robotics and IoT

Our research optimizes the distribution of intelligence across sensors, actuators, edge clouds and the cloud.

Machine Learning and Data Mining

State-of-the-art machine learning techniques for image, video and sensor data processing (neural nets, Gaussian process regression and latent variable models, …)

Semantic Intelligence

Advanced technologies covering the full knowledge management pipeline. Transforming cross-media data up to the point at which it can be queried, visualized and consumed by intelligent agents on the web.

Multimedia Processing

Multimedia content analysis and efficient coding and delivery of high-quality multimedia data.

Cross-domain Research

Brain-inspired and unconventional computing, Science and Technology education, Techno-economics.

Electromagnetics, RF and High-speed Circuits and Systems

State-of-the-art high-speed circuit design for optical and wireless communications and electromagnetic system analysis.

Wireless Networking

Providing deterministic guarantees on end-to-end service delivery to/between heterogeneous networked devices in dynamic wireless environments through collaborative management approaches.

Fixed Networking

Designing and investigating new network architectures to further improve the performance, scalability and quality of experience (QoE) of the Internet.                

Cloud and Big Data Infrastructures

Scalable and plug-and-play platforms for big data processing and data workflow orchestration.

Research Infrastructure (iLab.t)

IDLab has a unique research infrastructure, called iLab.t, that is being used in numerous national and international collaborations. iLab.t is available to external partners for early testing, collaborative research and/or validation of new products and services.