Help Brecht Tomme win the EOS Scriptieprijs 2019


After being selected for the longlist of the Agoriaprijs with his master thesis, our colleague Brecht Tomme (Ph.D. researcher at the Centre for Textile Science & Engineering) is also selected as one of the top 5 candidates for the EOS Scriptieprijs.

Help Brecht to win this award by voting for his thesis about the modelling of fabrics via this link: (the voting form is at the bottom)

If you want to know more about the subject, you can read a (Dutch) pop science article he wrote about it HERE, or the full (English) thesis HERE. It concerns the creation of a computer model that can accurately predict fabric behaviour when forces are applied to it. This was written with the production of composites in mind, but could be applied to weaving, dyeing, finishing, recycling, etc.

Thank you for voting!