10-07-2019 New paper published: Effect of annealing on microstructure, texture and hardness of ITER-specification tungsten analyzed by EBSD, vickers micro-hardness and nano-indentation techniques
09-07-2019 Honoring professor Marin (emeritus)
04-06-2019 Lotte De Vos presents poster on CALPHAD2019 conference
23-05-2019 TEDx - Plastics Rehab by prof. Kim Ragaert
20-05-2019 Request form for carpet classification tests
13-05-2019 Lisa Claeys wins best presentation award
13-05-2019 23.05.2019 - VOKA visits EA11 MaTCh
02-05-2019 Solvay announces winners of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Cup 2019
22-04-2019 Studenten UGent bedenken duurzame oplossing voor verpakkingen op Volvo-lijn
01-04-2019 Vacature voor een licentiaat of industrieel ingenieur (bij voorkeur met chemische specialisatie)
15-03-2019 New paper published: Micromechanical and microstructural properties of tungsten fibers in the as-produced and annealed state: Assessment of the potassium doping effect
28-02-2019 Emilie Van den Eeckhout obtained her PhD on February 28th !
18-12-2018 01/01/2019 - Campus Ardoyen Zwijnaarde - modification of house numbers
17-12-2018 New paper published: Correlation of microstructural and mechanical properties of K-doped tungsten fibers used as reinforcement of tungsten matrix for high temperature applications
22-11-2018 Studenten 1e master materiaalkunde behaalden 3de plaats op de Student Research Conference 2018 in Leiden
21-11-2018 Flemish PhD Cup 2018: silver medal for Lode Daelemans
08-11-2018 Interreg GRASS (Gazons aRtificiels Anti-feu Sûrs et durableS / Vlamwerende Kunstgrasmatten veilig en duurzaam): 1st Newsletter
25-10-2018 New paper published: Nano-hardness, EBSD analysis and mechanical behavior of ultra-fine grain tungsten for fusion applications as plasma facing material
09-10-2018 Masterstudenten Materiaalkunde geplaatst voor presentatie op de Student Research Conference in Nederland
06-06-2018 New paper published: Impact of plastic deformation on retention under pure D or He high flux plasma expose