Aurélie Laureys obtained her PhD on October 4th !


On October 4th 2019, Aurélie Laureys defended her PhD with the title "Microscopic Evaluation of Hydrogen Induced Crack Initiation and Propagation in Multiphase Steels".



  • prof. dr. ir. Kim Verbeken
  • prof. dr. ir. Roumen Petrov



Members of the examination board

  • prof. dr. Hennie De Schepper (Chairman, Ghent University)
  • dr. ir. Evy De Bruycker (Laborelec, Linkebeek)
  • prof. dr. ir. Tom Depover (Ghent University)
  • prof. dr. ir. Stijn Hertelé (Ghent University)
  • prof. dr. ir. Arjan Mol (Technische Universiteit Delft)
  • prof. dr. Elena Pereloma (University of Wollongong)