3 presentations from our research group on the Copper2019 conference


Inge Bellemans, Arne Simons and Vincent Cnockaert presented their work on the Copper conference 2019 (Aug 18-21) in Vancouver.

On Aug 19th, Inge presented "Oxidic Systems: A Combined Modelling and Experimental Approach" (authors: Inge Bellemans, Vincent Cnockaert, Evelien De Wilde, Nele Moelans, Kim Verbeken).

On Aug 21st, Arne presented "Macroscopic Analysis of the Reaction Between Molten Copper and Water: Simulations and Preliminary Experiments" (authors: Arne Simons, Inge Bellemans, Tijl Crivits, Kim Verbeken).

On Aug 21st, Vincent presented "On the Origin of Sudden Slag Foaming During Copper Smelting" (authors: Vincent Cnockaert, Tijl Crivits, Inge Bellemans, Bart Blanpain, Kim Verbeken).