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The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is committed to providing its students with an education of the highest possible quality. To that end, twice every year, we offer our students a number of online questionaires, through which they can voice their opinions on a number of the courses they have taken. These surveys allow us to track any problems students may have encountered, but positive feedback is equally essential to the educational process. The input is always communicated to the lecturers and to the program boards to implement corrective steps when necessary. Problems are followed up by the Faculty's Director of Studies. This process allows us to continue to improve the quality of our Faculty’s education.

Our surveys come in a multiple choice format, but we have ensured that there is space for any additional comments as well (see link below - log in with your UGent username and password). Participation to the survey is mandatory.

We want to stress that the surveys are completely anonymous: the answers cannot be linked to any individual student. A high participation level is required to get statistically significant - and therefore relevant and useful - results, so your cooperation is essential to us.

Finally, I would like to ask every student to fill in the questionnaires individually and in earnest, and to make your feedback correct and polite, to ensure that we may use the results to their fullest extent.

With best wishes,
Prof. Gert de Cooman
Director of Studies of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Head of the Educational Quality Control Unit


The evaluations are registered via When courses from your curriculum are evaluated, you will receive an invitation email with the direct link to Oasis.


What happens after you've filled in the questionnaire? Take a look at this YouTube clip

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