Do Bamboo - UGent students build full-scale bamboo spatial structure

(10-04-2022) Students from Ghent University and a number of talented young people from Sinaai, led by Professor Jan Belis, put their best talents together on the Ter Beke site. 💪

22 Students have designed, modelled, tested and built a full-scale bamboo spatial structure in the framework of prof. Jan Belis' 2nd bachelor Construction course 🛠️.

The 15m diameter reciprocal frame structure was built in Sinaai (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) and will be used by the local youth to host a summer bar and a variety of pop-up events. Bamboo is a renewable building material with a low ecological footprint 🌱 and a significant strength, and is therefore actively investigated at the Magnel-Vandepitte Laboratory.

The project, 'Do Bamboo', is also supported by Stad Sint-Niklaas, engineering office SBE and the International Association for Structures and Architecture (IASA). 

Video coverage can be found at: Levensgrote koepel uit bamboe aan jeugdhuis in Sinaai - TVOOST.

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