Zomerwijs in the Magnel-Vandepitte laboratory


On Monday 22/08 a workshop for kids, Zomerwijs, was held in the Magnel-Vandepitte laboratory. The children were given an introduction to concrete, the environmental effects of concrete production and possible 'green' solutions. They learned about durability tests and saw how strong concrete can be. They were then given a brief explanation of the components they need to make traditional concrete and 'green' concrete based on recycled materials and had the opportunity to see 3D concrete casting. They also learnt about structural glass research. Finally, the children had some creative activity by colouring a small concrete game (tic-tac-toe) that they could then take home. Thanks to all the UGent researchers that participated for their great enthusiasm and help: Yasmina Shields, Luiza Miranda, Nathan Lampens, Lien Saelens, Mirko Pejatovič and Natalia Alderete.