Behaviour of Structural Glass in Elevated Temperatures / Fire

Researchers involved:

  • Evelien Symoens  (PhD researcher)
  • Jan Belis (supervisor)
  • Ruben Van Coile (supervisor)


Determination of the fire performance of glass elements is complex due to the combination of several characteristics. Properties of glass material change when temperature increases, temperature gradients will induce breakage of the glass, and layering of glass elements with adhesive interlayers in between results in the combination of multiple heat transfer processes.

Objectives of this research:
- Predicting cracking of glass elements subjected to elevated temperatures / fire by numerical modeling;
- Simulating the temperature distribution over the thickness of laminated glass elements.

Combining the objectives above will allow predicting the fire performance of glass elements when subjected to elevated temperatures / fire.

Project ES Structural glass in elevated temperatures / fire