Delphine Sonck Gustave Magnel Prize 2014-2018


Delphine Sonck Gustave Magnel Prize 2014-2018 Dr. ir. Delphine Sonck was awarded with the prestigious Gustave Magnel Prize 2014-2018 for her Ph.D. entitled “Global buckling of castellated and cellular steel beams and columns” (supervisors Prof. Rudy Van Impe and Prof. Jan Belis, Department of Structural Engineering, LMO) during an official ceremony in Brussels on 6/6/2019.
The Gustave Magnel Prize was created by SECO in memory of Professor Gustave Magnel, founder of the Magnel Laboratory for concrete research at Ghent University and founder and managing director of SECO. The goal of this prize is to encourage scientific research applied to construction while encouraging researchers working in this area. The 10.000 EUR prize is awarded every four years; it was awarded for the first time in 1963.