Accredited tests

The Magnel Laboratory is certified according to EN ISO 17025 - accreditation certificates BELAC no 220-TEST.

-    Compressive strength of concrete cubes, cylinders and cores*
-    Clay and concrete masonry bricks
-    Splitting tensile strength of concrete paving stones
-    Dry density of clay and concrete masonry bricks
-    Water absorption by immersion of concrete cubes*, clay and concrete masonry bricks, concrete tiles, paving bricks and concrete cores
-    Capillary water absorption of clay and concrete masonry bricks
-    Vacuum water absorption of clay masonry bricks
-    Moisture movement of aggregate concrete and manufactured stone masonry units (shrinkage and swelling of clay and concrete masonry bricks)
-    Frost resistance of concrete and of clay facing bricks
-    Wear resistance (Capon) of paving materials, concrete cores and tiles
-    Resistance to freezing and thawing in combination with de-icing salts of paving materials*
-    Cement: flexural strength, compressive strength*
-    Steel reinforcement: tensile strength, height of the ribs
-    Elastomeric bearings: compression modulus, shear modulus, shear bond strength
-    Products and systems to protect and repair concrete structures: density, stiffening time, evenness, flexural strength, compressive strength, tensile bond strength*

* Tests under accreditation (BELAC 220-TEST)
For more details about these tests (standard, measuring range, etc.) we refer to the pdf-file (in Dutch).



Mechanical tests: three-point bending test – compressive strength test – splitting tensile strength test


Tests on repair products: tensile bond strength - evenness


Elastomeric bearings: shear modulus


Freeze-thaw resistance in combination with de-icing salts