Damage Diagnosis & in-situ tests

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The Magnel Laboratory for Concrete performs the following tests on-site

  • Core Drilling
  • Rebound hammer testing
  • Reinforcement detection
  • Adhesion determination
  • Corrosion potential measurement


For various customers, the Magnel Lab also conducts laboratory analyses such as:

  • Determination of carbonation depth
  • Determination of chloride content
  • Determination of the chloride diffusion coefficient
  • Determination of freeze-thaw resistance (in combination with de-icing salts)
  • Sensitivity with respect to ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction)
  • Compressive strength determination on drilled cores
  • Petrographic analysis (microscopy)

For the damage diagnosis of concrete structures, the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research has a structural cooperation with the spin-off company Sanacon (www.sanacon.be).


Sanacon gives advice and performs analysis on the basis of research on site and laboratory tests, related to the following topics:

  • Advice regarding possible repair techniques for concrete renovation
  • Damage Diagnosis of concrete with respect to both "traditional" (e.g. carbonation and chloride attack.) as well as "specific" damage phenomena (e.g. sulphate attack, ASR, freeze-thaw damage.);
  • Damage Diagnosis of concrete structures after exposure to fire;
  • Statistical interpretation of measurement results for estimation of the remaining life of a concrete structure;
  • Literature Studies in the context of specific damage mechanisms;
  • Monitoring of the structural behaviour of structures.



With a very broad expertise in the field of structural glass, the Laboratory for Research Model provides support for damage diagnosis, construction and restoration of glass constructions.