Prof. dr. ir. Luc Taerwe

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Name: Luc Taerwe
Title: Prof. dr. ir.
Function: Full professor
T +32 9 264 55 35
F +32 9 264 58 45

Mrs. Marijke Reunes (T + 32 9 264 55 35)


Luc Taerwe (UGent, Civil Engineer 1975, Engineer in Structural Mechanics 1976, PhD Applied Science 1985, "Agrégé de l'Enseignement Supérieur" 1990) is professor Concrete Structures at Ghent University (UGent), director of the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, head of the department Structural Engineering and pro dean of the Engineering Faculty.

He is laureate of the AIG Award (1983), the Magnel Award (control office SECO - 1986), the Robert l'Hermite Medal (RILEM - 1988) and the IABSE Prize (1991) and he is Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (2001). He is a member or chairman of several committees and working groups and he is the author of more than 300 publications in journals and congres proceedings.

His research is situated in the following domains: structural behaviour of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, non-linear analysis, fire resistance, composite (FRP) reinforcement, high-strength concrete, satistical aspects of conformity control, probabilistic risk analysis, risk management,...


  • Civil Engineer, Ghent University, 1975
  • Engineer in Structural Mechanics, Ghent University, 1976
  • PhD degree, Ghent University, 1985 (Thesis : Aspects of the stochastic nature of concrete strength including compliance control)
  • "Agrégé de l'Enseignement Supérieur", Ghent University, 1990 (Thesis : Extension of the statistical bases and procedures for quality control of concrete)


  • Award of the "Association of Engineers from the University of Ghent" (AIG), in 1983 for the project "Hyperstatic reinforced concrete beams"
  • Award "F. De Waele" of the "Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research" for the project "Experimental investigation of the strain-softening behaviour of concrete subjected to uni-axial compression"
  • Magnel Award for the biennial 1984-1986, presented by the control office SECO for the doctoral thesis.
  • "Robert L'Hermite Medal 1988" of RILEM (International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures) "... to recognize distinguished authorship in written exposition in the field of materials of construction and structures ..."
  • IABSE Prize 1991 "... in recognition of outstanding achievements in research, development and practice in the fields of quality control, structural safety and analysis of concrete structures" (IABSE: International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)
  • Fellow American Concrete Institute (ACI), 2001

Current Positions

  • Full Professor of Concrete Structures and Applied Statistics
  • Director of the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research
  • Head of the Department of Structural Engineering
  • Pro Dean of the Engineering Faculty

Committees and working groups (current positions)


  • Head of the Belgian fib delegation
  • Member Steering Committee fib
  • Member of fib Council
  • Member fib Commission 2 “Safety and Performance Concept”
  • Member CEN TC 250/SC 2 “Eurocode 2 : Design of Concrete Structures”
  • Member off the Joint Committee on Structural Safety
  • Member (voting member) "Joint Committee ACI-ASCE 423 on Prestressed Concrete" (ACI : American Concrete Institute - ASCE : American Society of Civil Engineering)
  • Member (consulting member) ACI Committee 440 "FRP Bar and Tendon Reinforcement"
  • Member "Permanent Committee" van IABSE


A list with publications (1992-now) can be found at