Research Group Schoonmeersen

Welcome to the website of the Research Group Schoonmeersen. The research group is embedded in the Department of Structural engineering (EA14) of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University. Our expertise is related to structural analysis of reinforced concrete / composite materials / steel, concrete technology, bridge engineering, structural topology optimization, performance of screed materials …

 Labo Schoonmeersen    Labo Schoonmeersen

We are involved in

  • teaching and tutoring of Bachelor and Master students Civil Engineering Technology
  • fundamental and industrial/practical oriented research
  • research and testing for the construction industry

Our group frequently cooperates with other research groups such as:

  • ‘Building Physics, Construction and Climate Control’ of the Department of Architecture and urban planning
  • ‘Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS)’ of the department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • ‘Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research’ of the department of Structural Engineering
  • ‘Laboratory for Research on Structural Models’ of the department of Structural Engineering

Feel free to browse our web pages for a first impression, and to contact our staff for any further information you may like about our activities. 

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