Upcoming event: CPAF 2022 - 2nd edition of the China Platform Academic Forum

(18-08-2022) Period: 17-21 October 2022

CPAF 2022 - 2nd edition of the China Platform Academic ForumLast year, the China Platform in cooperation with Mr. Zhang Chi from our representative office in Beijing took the initiative to organize the first edition of the Forum on the occasion of our China Platform’s 15th anniversary. The aim of this initiative was to promote cooperation in scientific research between Ghent University and its partner institutions in China, to create opportunities for researchers to exchange academic thoughts, and to provide a platform for alumni to interact with each other as well as with their former professors and colleagues at Ghent University.

Because of its huge success, the China Platform decided to make it into an annual event. And for this 2nd edition of CPAF 2022, the number of participating webinar hosts has doubled.
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