Doctorates in progress

(FC= approved in the Faculty Concil of ...)


  1. DE ZWAAN Matthijs (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bruno MERLEVEDE) - FC Oct/05/2011
    Essays in regional economics - a firm-level approach
  2. MOUCTAR Bah (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS) - FC Nov/23/2011
    Contingent Capital in Financial Institutions
  3. HOEFMAN Kevin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS) - FC Nov/14/2012
    Essays on Money
  4. VANDENBERGHE Désirée (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan ALBRECHT) - FC Oct/15/2014
    The economics of preventive healthcare
  5. ATMACA Sümeyra (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS) - FC Jan/21/2015
    Institutions and Networks.
  6. CEYLAN Pinar (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS) - FC Aug/26/2015
    Economic growth and inequality in the Ottoman town of Manisa (Late middle ages-19th century).
  7. VAN DEN HEUVEL Milan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS - Prof. dr. Jan RYCKEBUSCH) - FC Aug/26/2015
    Live action based modeling.
  8. BASTIAENSEN Ken (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS - Prof. dr. Jan RYCKEBUSCH) - FC Sep/23/2015
    Agent Based Models with dynamic networks
  9. DEWITTE Ruben (Prom.: Prof. dr. Glenn RAYP) - FC Oct/14/2015
    Firm heterogeneity and country characteristics in international trade.
  10. DE LANGE Bram (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bruno MERLEVEDE) - FC Nov/18/2015
    Essays on multinational firms and comovement
  11. HAMELS Sam (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan ALBRECHT) - FC Mar/16/2016
    Energy economics, energy security and energy systems.
  12. NGUYEN Thi Dieu Linh (Prom.: Prof. dr. Brent BLEYS) - FC Jun/15/2016
    The Influence of Climate Change on Agriculture - The Case of Saline Water Intrusion Affecting the Rice Value Chain in the Coastal Provinces of Central Viet Nam.
  13. VAN DER SLYCKEN Jonas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Brent BLEYS) - FC Sep/26/2016
    Beyond GDP: alternative measures of economic welfare for the EU-15.
  14. EECKHOUT Tom (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHOORS) - FC Mar/22/2017
    An analysis of corruption based on administrative data: measuring revealed corruption, studying the cultural, the institutional and historical origins of corruption and determining the costs of corruption.