First issue of Gentse Economische Inzichten


Today the first issue of Gentse Economische Inzichten (Ghent University Economic Insights) is published. Gentse Economische Inzichten is a forum for the broad societal dissemination of research findings and policy recommendations by professors of the Department of Economics of Ghent University. Given that this forum focusses on the Flemish community, the Gentse Economische Inzichten are published in Dutch.

In this issue, based on recent scientific research, a number of policy recommendations are formulated with a view to tackling the current corona crisis in the best possible way.

 These are the most important insights:

  1. The current increase in the budget deficit caused by the corona crisis can be absorbed without having to raise taxes or save on government spending.
  2. A government that (i) buffers shocks on the labour market in a targeted manner and (ii) keeps work sufficiently attractive can seriously limit the economic damage.
  3. Temporary and targeted public spending can be very effective in the current economic context and can even have a positive impact on the budget.

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