FEB Internship

Mentor a FEB intern within a specific business project and let him / her get familiar with the working field.

 All students have the option or are required to do an internship during their studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Internship Public Administration and Management

This internship takes places in the third year of the Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Management for a period of nine weeks, during four days a week (with Friday as a day of classes). The internship takes place form end of March until end of May.

The internship must take place in a government, non-profit or private organization. The intention is that the trainee works in a semi-independent manner on a clearly defined assignment from your organization.

One of our teachers or researchers will offer you his / her expertise to further develop this assignment and he / she will also occasionally assist the intern. In this way we ensure that the internship offers an actual contribution to certain crucial objectives of your organization.

Please contact prof. dr. Ludo Peferoen () with your contact information and a brief description of the assignment.

Internship Business Administration

This internship is programmed in the second term of the academic year and runs over a period of 11 weeks, in a 4/5 regime. All students following the MSc in Business Administration are required to complete an internship.

The content of the internship needs to be at master's level and related to the subject taxation, finance and risk management, management and IT, commercial management or HRM and organizational management.

Read the complete internship manual of the MSc in Business Administration.

Download the application form and send it to .

Internship (Business) Economics and Business Engineering

 Students in the MSc in Economics, Business Economics and Business Engineering have the option to do an internship. The internship has a workload of one month of fulltime employment or 20 working days. It is allowed to spread this workload.

The content of the internship needs to be at master's level and related to the programme's field of study.

Read the complete internship manual.

Download the application form and send it to .