How to reach the Campus Mercator?

Campus Mercator - HenleykaaiWhen you click on driving directions, you can always customize your point of origin at top left in this box by entering a different address routes-a.png or by moving the push pin pin-a.png on the map. Don't forget to change your travel way by selecting it at top left modus-a.png ...


with the bike:

On foot:


    From the train station Sint-Pieters Ghent:


      From Ghent Dampoort railway station:

          • Visit the website of De Lijn and the NMBS for more information.
          • Note: with your mobile phone you can check the hours of the trains. It comes with a mobile version of website.

                WITH THE CAR

                Visitors must sign up to use this parking.

                You come from Antwerp on the E17:

                You come from Kortrijk via the E17:

                You come from Ostend via E40:

                You come from Brussels via the E40: