Personal learning path (PLP) for internal students

PLP regulations

Before forming and submitting your PLP, you must first thoroughly read through the PLP regulations.

In the PLP regulations you can read, among other things, what type of PLP you are taking, how many ECTS-credits you are allowed to take, which courses you may or may not take (mandatory sequentiality), …

A curriculum that has not been formed in accordance with the PLP regulations will not be approved by the Curriculum Committee.

PLP regulations 2018-2019


Applying for a PLP: deadlines, entry in oasis and submission to the Curriculum Committee

A. PLP Manuals

For each programme a step-by-step manual has been written about how to (re-)enrol, how to enter your PLP in OASIS and how to submit your PLP to the Curriculum Committee.


B. Application forms IAY-PLP in case of programme revisions

Students who are confronted with a programme revision and who are taking an IAY-PLP and combining courses from the new programme on the one hand and the old programme on the other hand, cannot submit their PLP via OASIS.


The following students will have to submit their PLP on paper instead of via OASIS:

  • Business Engineering students with an IAY-PLP 2nd + 3rd bachelor: IAY-PLP Business Engineering 2nd-3rd bachelor
  • Business Economics students with an IAY-PLP 2nd + 3rd bachelor: IAY-PLP Business Economics 2nd-3rd bachelor


The forms can be downloaded and printed from the end of August onwards.


All other PLP applications do need to happen via OASIS (see manuals mentioned above).