All students of the master’s programmes Economics, Business Economics and Business Engineering have the opportunity to do an internship. This internship can be added to the curriculum as an elective course and consists of 6 ECTS-credits.

Practical information

  • The internship has a workload of 4 weeks of fulltime employment or 20 working days.
  • Internships during exam periods are not allowed.
  • Students who wish to complete their internship during the academic year, can under no circumstances be exempted from the imposed study obligations regarding other courses in the programme overview.
  • The internship’s assignment must be related to one or more of the programme’s fields of study. It involves a project and/or assignments aimed at problem solving and must primarily involve (>50%) professional and analytical tasks.
  • After the internship the student must write an internship report in which he/she links the internship’s assignment to the broader theoretical framework.
  • The student may not start his/her internship before the internship agreement has been created and signed and the internship coordinator, internship supervisor and the student each have their own copy in their possession.
You can find all information on Ufora: "Elective Course Internship FEB - FX00007".
You can subscribe to this course via > ‘Enrol in course’ > Search on ‘Elective Course Internship FEB’ or 'FX00007'.
Once you are enrolled, you can find all necessary information in the internship guide on the specific page ‘Information in English’.


At the earliest the internship can start from July onwards during the summer vacation before the first master (the internship is considered to be part of the master’s programme curriculum) and lasts at the latest until the month of May in the master (Business) Economics or the 2nd master Business Engineering. If the student graduates in the resit examination period, the internship may last until August 15 at the latest.

These are the possibilities:

Master (Business) Economics Master Business Engineering
Summer before 1st Master Only possible for students who followed the Preparatory programme Only possible for students who followed the Preparatory programme
During academic year of 1st Master Not possible in case of a standard learning track (too much other study obligations) Not possible in case of a standard learning track (too much other study obligations)
Summer after 1st Master Possible in resit examination period Possible (between 1st master and 2nd master)
During academic year of 2nd Master N/A Not possible in case of a standard learning track (too many other study obligations)
Summer after 2nd Master N/A Possible in resit examination period


Riath Luengas - Marketing

"My name is Riath Luengas, I am Colombian, and I came to the University of Ghent to study a Master in Business Economy. From the beginning, I had the objective to do an internship that would allow me to know how the labour market works in Europe. I had the opportunity to start an internship in the Marketing department of Fluves, a water systems company, but due to Corona’s measures, I could not do it.

So in the summer, I applied to different companies and got two options. I started at Techwolf in the Go to market department conducting market research at FMCG companies.  From the very beginning, I felt it was the best decision. The Techwolf team welcomed me as a fixed member of their company, allowed me to get to know closely how start ups work. I develop my market research skills, and the company allowed me to participate in digital marketing activities as part of my training. In my opinion the best way to learn is by doing.

I am very grateful for this opportunity that enriched me as a professional and as a person. On the other hand, and not less important, my coordinator was always there to guide me. I highly recommend all students to include an internship in their curriculum, it is worth it."

Sarah Muller - Finance

“I am Sarah Muller and I am a Master student in Business Engineering (in Finance) at Ghent University. Ever since I started my studies, I have been eagerly waiting to see the reality of work. More so, I dreamed of starting in one of the big four. After several interviews and one business case, I got an internship at Deloitte Belgium in the Real Estate department in the Financial Advisory services.

In this department and as a business analyst, I had the chance to participate mainly in two services. Firstly, most of the meetings I attended were related to the real estate workplace advisory service which helps companies implementing new ways of working. Secondly, I worked a lot in the valuation service which consists of realizing valuation of properties, conducting market analysis, and helping companies in a development project in Real Estate.

I wanted to do an internship because I really wanted to know if working in a big company was really for me. Moreover, I was also convinced that if I would do an internship in this kind of company, the probability that you get a contract just after would be higher. For me, it was the case, they directly proposed me a contract at the end of my internship. Moreover, I chose the Real Estate department because I knew that in this world there is a majority of men in this field and that it is not always easy for a woman to find her place in this kind of environment. I really aspire to make the difference and change the stereotypes that people have. In consequence, during my internship, I realized that it was really important to acquire the ability to be assertive and self-confidence in the workplace.

Finally, on the professional plan, Deloitte gives you as much autonomy and independency as possible by giving you serious tasks. Therefore, I developed my critical mind and I paid great attention to detail and precision. Thanks to this way of working, I have learned that a job done slower but with a lot of consistency is of a much better quality. Moreover, Deloitte has a strong commitment to teamwork even with the pandemic and remote working. For example, even during my internship, I had to attend to team buildings and events (sometimes online). I learned to work with people that I did not know and who most of the time had a high position in the company and a high expertise in this field. It is very useful to work with other people.”


if you have any questions after reading the internship guide, you can contact the internship coordinator: