Textbook sale

The textbook sale is organised by the faculty students’ associations VEK and Moeder Lies. The point of sale will depend on your programme.

Textbook sale VEK

  • Complementary Studies in Economics
  • Complementary Studies in Business Economics, main subjects Business Economics and Taxation
  • Economics
  • Business Engineering
  • Business Economics

Textbook sale Moeder Lies

  • Public Administration and Management
  • Business Administration

Textbook list

All textbook lists can be found on the course site ‘FX00022A Boekenverkoop FEB / Textbook sale FEB’ on http://minerva.UGent.be. You will need a Ghent University account to log in. Click here to find out how to manually add a course site to Minerva.

The textbook lists will be published in September. Keep an eye on your UGent mailbox and Minerva. The latest updates can be found at ‘Announcements’.


The textbook sale will take place in the Foyer (large open space on level -1) on campus Tweekerken, Tweekerkenstraat 2, 9000 Ghent.

Opening Hours

Consult the dates and timings of the textbook sale on the Minerva-course 'FX00022A Boekenverkoop FEB / Textbook sale FEB'.

Registration - member card

If you register as a member of your student association, you benefit from an extra advantageous rate for book sales, and you get all kinds of discounts on top of that. Becoming a member is easy and you do it by registering online, but you are not obliged to become a member to purchase your books.

Register online: www.ugent.be/eb/boekenverkoop


Send an e-mail to boeken@vek.be (textbook sales students’ association VEK) or boeken@moederlies.be (textbook sales students’ association Moeder Lies).