Getting started at the faculty: FAQ

What in case of overlap in my course schedule?

If you selected courses scheduled at the same time, you'll need to select an alternative course. We can't decide an alternative course for you: you should make this decision together with your exchange supervisor at your home university.

Can I make changes in my learning agreement/curriculum?

Overlap in your schedule? The course doesn't meet your expectations? You don't meet the basic requirements? etc.

The first two weeks of the semester you have time to make changes in your initial learning agreement (LA).

Before making any final changes to your LA, we insist that you attend those classes you wish to take in order to check if you made a good choice. In addition, if you have any doubts contact the professors and make sure you meet the basic course requirements.

Keep in mind that you have to communicate every change in your learning agreement with your home university before you make a final adjustment in your curriculum!

After the registration deadline it is not possible to make changes in your study programme any more!!!

Deadline 1st sem = Saturday from week 2 of the semester

Deadline 2nd sem = Saturday from week 2 of the semester

How to make changes in the learning agreement/curriculum?

The first two weeks of the semester you can 'try out' courses and make changes in your curriculum.

At the end of week 2, you have to register your final course selection in Oasis.

When you make changes you also have to submit your Learning Agreement (LA) Document DURING mobility.

Saturday from week 2 in the semester is the deadline to submit your curriculum in Oasis and to submit your LA DURING mobility!

Before mobility

You submitted a learning agreement document 'before mobility' in your exchange application. This curriculum is displayed in your Oasis account upon arrival, except for language subjects and cancelled subjects.

This document was approved, signed and returned by e-mail together with your 'letter of invitation'.

During mobility

You make NO changes in your curriculum/LA

  • Your course selection remains the same compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • This shows in your Oasis curriculum? YES! Submit your Oasis curriculum for approval. (see manual)

You make CHANGES in your curriculum/LA

  • You make changes in your curriculum compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • Register your final subject selection/curriculum in your Oasis account and submit to approval. (see manual)
  • At the same time you need to submit your LA DURING mobility document to
  • You're welcome to fill out a template LA DURING mobility from your home university or use our template.
  • You have to list the courses you want to ADD and the ones you want to DELETE compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • Fill out the document ON COMPUTER, no handwritten documents please!
  • Don't forget to mention your name and sign the document yourself!
  • Even if you don't manage to have a signature on the LA 'during mobility' from your supervisor at your home university, make sure you have approval by e-mail by the deadline.

Template learning agreement 'during mobility'

Deadline = Saturday from week 2 of the semester, after which no other changes to the study programme will be accepted.

What course should I take?

You need to discuss this question with your coordinator of your home university.

The only thing we can advise is to read the course requirements/initial competences of each course you are interested in because the name of a course doesn't always cover the content.

Before making any final changes to your learning agreement, we insist that you attend those classes you wish to take in order to check if you made a good choice. In addition, talk with the professors and make sure you have the required knowledge before making a final decision.

Lecturers can exclude you from the lessons if you don't meet the course requirements!

The exchange programme at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration includes subjects in 5 different study fields:

  1. Economics: focus on the functioning of the global economy
  2. Business Administration:
    Courses in the study field ‘Business Administration’ focus on the different functional parts and organization of a business,
    including business skills and entrepreneurship
  3. Public Administration and Management: focus on the processes and management of the public, social profit and non-profit organizations
  4. Business Economics:
    These courses have a strong analytical and quantitative focus and include research skills. A profound mathematical and statistical
    knowledge is required.
    The subjects in the study field ‘Master in Business Economics’ have a modular structure. That means that the courses will be bundled
    in modular blocks of six weeks each.
    The content of the courses are processed in a more focused and in-depth manner. The teaching methods are demanding and
    challenging: case studies, group assignments, discussion panels, lectures, business games, etc.
    At the end of each modular block you have an exam from the previous course. During a modular block you also get interim tests and
    (group) assignments. As a result, you no longer have exams in January or June.
    Because of the modular structure, it is difficult to include subjects from other study fields in your schedule.
  5. Business Engineering:
    The study field 'Business Engineering’ is a combination of business administration, data-driven management science,
    business processes and technology.
    A business engineer may act as a mediator between technical and business economic positions to conduct data analysis, modelling
    and decision-making.
    Different management science principles are discussed and maintained through mathematical modelling, statistics and numerical
    Since the courses have a strong focus on quantitative analytics in production, services, logistics, marketing and finance, a good
    knowledge of data analysis techniques, conceptual or mathematical modelling techniques and techniques of decision making are
    required. Additionally some course require a profound knowledge in programming.

Do I have to register for the courses?

The first two weeks of the semester you have the chance to take part in the classes and see if you meet the basic requirements and if it answers your expectations.

UGent doesn't work with student number limitations in the courses!

Keep in mind that you have to communicate every change in your learning agreement with your home university!

  • Before arrival: we process the registration of your subjects in Oasis (see 'related items') based on your application: learning agreement 'before the mobility'. These subjects show automatically in your Ufora as well.
  • Arrival: you can also consult course info on Ufora from subjects you aren't registered for. You can do this by adding this course 'manually' in your Oasis curriculum before the first class. Based on that, you can also attend courses (during the first weeks) that were no part in your study programme upon application.
  • During mobility: registration of your final study programme. Deadline = Saturday from week 2 of the semester.
  1. You tried the first lessons? You checked the course requirements? You are sure you meet the initial competences? You have approval from your home university? Ok! Now, you can proceed.
  2. Register your final subject selection in your personal Oasis account. Deadline = Saturday from week 2 of the semester. (see 'related items')
  3. Fill out the learning agreement 'during the mobility' and provide it to the faculty international office by e-mail. (see 'related items')
Deadline = Saturday from week 2 of the semester to submit the final registration in Oasis and the learning agreement, after which no other changes to the study programme (for the 1st semester) will be accepted.
Important: before the start of classes, upload each course you are interested in to take, in your Oasis curriculum! Then you'll have access to the Ufora learning platform of each course (announcement from the lecturers, study material, test info, etc.)

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Can I take courses from another faculty?

Yes, it is possible to select courses from another faculty in your learning agreement (L.A.).


  • Maximum 40% of the total amount of ECTS in your L.A. can be selected from another faculty.
  • It is in your own responsibility to take contact with the lecturer in charge from the faculty concerned, to make sure you can enter the course you selected!

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Can I add a language course in my learning agreement?

Yes, it is possible to add a language course to your learning agreement, if a language course can be accepted by your home university.

But keep in mind that our exchange programme is not suitable to study the language itself.

The amount of ECTS linked to language courses will be limited in the learning agreement!

Check the website from UCT (University Language Center) for more information about the language courses itself.

In order to receive a voucher for a 'Dutch Course for Exchange Students', contact

Once you successfully completed the exam, the language certificate will be provided by the UCT itself.

What is Oasis and Ufora?

Oasis = online managing student administration

Through the Oasis application you can register your exchange study programme, consult important information about your curriculum, grades, make prints of attestations (f.e. certificate of attendance), exam schedules, etc.

You have a personal Oasis account, accessible with your UGent login and password.

Ufora = online learning platform

With your UGent log-in and password, you can access the online learning platform.

In this platform each subject has a specific course site. This course site is used by the lecturer in charge to communicate assignments, schedules, group divisions, important announcements, etc.

Manual: 'Ufora for students'

To get access to the information: you must upload courses via your Oasis curriculum (courses registered in your LA before mobility, will show automatically in Ufora)

  • Ufora is a learning platform, it is not your official registration to the course!
  • Please make sure to register before the start of the semester to the courses which you wish or consider to follow in order not to miss any information (rescheduling of the class, reading material, test material, etc.)

All information published on Ufora is considered as known for all students!
Courses from your Learning Agreement BEFORE mobility will automatically show in your Oasis and Ufora account!
Oasis and Ufora are synchronized with each other: what you change in Oasis will change in Ufora (not the other way around!)

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Does the lessons actually start the first week?

Yes, the lessons start in the first week of the semester!

Some of the courses have very strict attendance regulations. So make sure you don't miss the first class.

It is possible in the first week that classes start later or stop earlier.

For the latest information on each course: check the Ufora online learning platform!

During your exchange you'll have contact with the Central International Office and the Faculty International Office.

Faculty International Office

We'll be your main contact during your stay, we handle all your questions concerning academic matters:

  • study programme
  • certificate of attendance/arrival/departure
  • learning agreement
  • daily life at the faculty
  • etc.


Book an appointment on campus or online

Address: Campus Tweekerken - Tweekerkenstraat 2 - International Office - 9000 Gent - Belgium

Short cut to our office: use the entrance Hoveniersberg - ground floor - International Office - we are located next to the Faculty Student Administration

Central International Office

This is the international office on institutional level, this office handles your questions concerning:

  • acceptance letters
  • visa
  • accommodation
  • registration city council
  • etc.

Address: Het Pand - Onderbergen 1 - ground floor - 9000 Gent - Belgium

Contact: or 0032 (0)9 264 70 15 or 0032 (0)9 264 70 06

Where do I have to buy my study books?

Professors will indicate the required materials for their courses and will estimate their costs at the start of the semester.

You can also find a description of the required course material in the course specifications in the online Study Guide and on the Ufora course site of each course.

There are several ways to get your textbooks:

  • Easy way: you can find handbooks at several book stores: Acco (Sint-Kwintensberg 87, 9000 Gent), Standaard Boekhandel (Kouter 31, 9000 Gent), ...
  • Lazy way: knock yourself out online: Google is your friend!
  • Economic way: alternatively you can borrow required books from the faculty library for a limited time.
  • Adventurous way:

the faculty's student organisation 'VEK' and 'Moeder Lies' distribute (some of the) handbooks: see their websites for more info!

The textbook sale will take place at the faculty on several dates.

Registration – member card: If you register as a member of our student association, you benefit from an extra advantageous rate for book sales, and you get all kinds of discounts on top of that. Becoming a member is easy and you do it by registering online, but you are not obliged to become a member to purchase your books.

Required course materials are not distributed through the International Office.

Where are my class rooms?

In the course schedule, the name of the class room is specified for each course.

For example: Hov AUD Van Vaerenbergh

The first part (Hov) refers to the building, the second part (AUD Van Vaerenbergh) is the name of the class room/auditorium.

Classes are organized in different buildings/faculties but the distance between most of the locations is no more than 10 minutes by bicycle.

example: Sterre AUD A2- S9 (Sterre = location, AUD A2 = name of class room, S9 = name of building)

Abbreviations auditorium locations:

  • Hov = Hoveniersberg 24 (Fac. of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Mercator = Henleykaai 84 (Fac. of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Bla = Blandijnberg 2 (Fac. of Arts and Philosophy)
  • Coupure Links = Coupure Links 653 (Fac. of Bio-Engineering)
  • FPPW = Henri Dunantlaan 2 (Fac. of Psychology and Educational Sciences)
  • Led = K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35 (Fac. of Sciences)
  • Pla/Roz = Jozef Plateaustraat 22 (Fac. of Engineering and Architecture)
  • RTB = Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 (UFO-building)
  • Sterre = Krijgslaan 281 (Faculty of Sciences)
  • Strop = Stropkaai 38
  • Uni = Universiteitstraat 8 (Fac. of Political and Social Sciences/Fac. of Law)
  • UZ = De Pintelaan 185 (Ghent University hospital)

Do I have to use my UGent e-mail account?

Upon your registration as an exchange student, you will receive an e-mail with instructions regarding your UGent e-mail account, log-in and password.

During your exchange period, you are expected to use this e-mail address in all communication with professors, students and administration offices from UGent!

E-mails sent to your UGent account will be considered as received and read.



  • Exams take place at the end of each semester for all courses except those with a system of permanent evaluation.
  • Exams are in English and can be either written or oral. Sometimes you will be asked to write a paper instead of writing an exam.
  • Dutch taught courses will have an exam in Dutch.
  • Results of the exams are definitive.
  • In case you failed an exam, you have the right to take a second chance exam during the scheduled second chance period.
  • Second chance period = mid August-mid September (also for exchange students!)
  • Results are not available before the official publication date in Oasis. Also for second chance exams!
  • No long distance exams will be organized!

What if I failed/skipped an exam?

The results of the exams are definitive. However if you failed/skipped an exam, each student has the right to take a second chance exam during the scheduled second chance period.

  • The second chance period = mid August until mid September
  • The second chance period = for courses from the 1st and 2nd semester!
  • No long-distance exams will be organized!
  • You don't have to register for an exam, you're automatically subscribed based on your curriculum.
  • Remember to excuse yourself in advance for any exam you'll miss by emailing the appropriate professor.

Transcript of records

  • The exam results will be published in your Oasis account after each official exam period.
  • winter semester results (AY 2021-2022) = Fri. 11th of February 2022 at 13h30
  • spring semester results (AY 2021-2022) = Thu. 7th of July 2022 at 13h30
  • resit exam results (AY 2021-2022) = Thu. 15th of September 2022 at 13h30
  • All courses are graded on a scale of 20.
  • If the evaluation of your course has a written part and an oral part, only the total grade on a scale of 20 will be available!
  • To pass, a grade of at least 10 is required.
  • You can print your result list through your Oasis account.
  • The official transcript of records will be forwarded via e-mail to your home university (in the week after the publication).
  • Note that professors, assistants or administrators are not supposed to communicate results to students, so do not ask them for your grades.
  • Results from the second chance exams, will only be available after the official second chance examination period (beginning of September!) (even if somehow you managed to make your exam sooner).
  • The transcript of records will also include the results from your language courses.

Are we allowed to contact the professors?

Yes, Ghent University has an open communication culture between students, professors and other staff.

It is also possible to send an e-mail or make an appointment. Contact details can be consulted in the phone book.

Keep some basic behaviour in mind:

  • Be polite
  • Introduce yourself (also in e-mail!)
  • Keep it formal, adapt your language
  • E-mail is no 'chat box', the respondent is not attached to its e-mail 24h/24h

Where to print, scan and access a computer?

In the Foyer of Campus building Tweekerken a copy machine is available, including scan and print options.

Is a WiFi-connection available on campus?

The name of the WiFi network you need to select is Eduroam.

What kind of free software is available for students?

Your UGent account allows you to use all software offered on Athena.

The software you can use is delivered from central servers and is not installed on your device.

Is there a student association at the faculty?

We have 2 student associations at our faculty:

  • VEK (Vlaamse Economische Kring): they organize book sales and the Student Street Soccer tournament, they run student café 'Yucca' at Kramersplein (with promotion offers every day), etc. Margaux is your contact person via
  • Moeder Lies: they organize a wide range of student activities. Their home base is café Delirium Tremens at Overpoortstraat, your contact person is

Join the (private) Facebook group for FEB International Students 2021-2022 (activities for international students organised by VEK are published)

What in case of overlap in my exam schedule?

In case you have overlap in your exam schedule. You need to contact the lecturer in charge a few weeks before the start of the exam period to reschedule your exam. An alternative exam date will be provided.

(overlap = 2 or more exams on the same date)