How to make changes in the learning agreement?

The first two weeks of the semester you can 'try out' courses and make changes in your curriculum.

At the end of week 2, you have to register your final course selection in Oasis. 

When you make changes you also have to submit your Learning Agreement (LA) DURING mobility.

Saturday from week 2 in the semester is the deadline to submit your curriculum in Oasis and to submit your LA DURING mobility!

Before mobility

You submitted a learning agreement document 'before mobility' in your exchange application. This curriculum is displayed in your Oasis account upon arrival, except for language subjects.

This document was approved, signed and returned by e-mail together with your 'letter of invitation'.

During mobility

You make NO changes in your curriculum/LA

  • Your course selection remains the same compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • This shows in your Oasis curriculum? YES! Submit your Oasis curriculum for approval. (see manual)

You make CHANGES in your curriculum/LA

  • You make changes in your curriculum compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • Register your final subject selection/curriculum in your Oasis account and submit to approval. (see manual)
  • At the same time you need to submit your LA DURING mobility document to
  • You're welcome to use a template LA DURING mobility from your home university or use our template.
  • You have to list the courses you want to ADD and the ones you want to DELETE compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • Fill out the document ON COMPUTER, no handwritten documents please!
  • Don't forget to mention your name and sign the document yourself!
  • Even if you don't manage to have a signature on the LA 'during mobility' from your supervisor at your home university, make sure you have approval by e-mail by the deadline.

Template learning agreement 'during mobility'

Where to print, scan and access a computer?

Deadline = Saturday of week 2 of the semester, after which no other changes to the study programme will be accepted.