Economic globalisation - F000751

Specific course requirements

The course Economic Globalisation is a Master course dealing with the three dimensions of economic globalisation:
  • trade,
  • capital flows
  • migration

Students who would like to add this course to their curriculum should meet the required initial competences.

To take part in this course students should have obtained credits for a course in economics that covers the most important macro- and microeconomic principles or they should have acquired these competences in another way.
Each class starts with a discussion on the current topic in which students are invited to bring in elements and perspectives from their own different backgrounds.
Evaluation is conducted on the basis of a written assignment (5/20) and a written exam (15/20) consisting of open questions and multiple choice questions (there are no alternative examination options).

General course specifications

Consult the general specifications of this course in the exchange programme in economics and business admin.