Management control - F000688

Specific course requirements

All classes for this course are scheduled in a six-week time frame, i.e., in the first six weeks of the second semester. Before you can take part in this class you need to take an online admission test!

To participate in the course “Management control” (F000688), the following is required:

  • a good command of the English language,
  • a profound knowledge of cost and management accounting.


Some important steps:

  1. Register on the Ufora website of the course “Management control” (F000688) in the week before the start of the second semester.
  2. There is an online admission test, which is compulsory for exchange students. Please complete it as soon as possible. You can find the test on the Ufora website of the course by clicking on Ufora tools - Quizzes. The test consists of 10 questions on fundamental cost and management accounting concepts. You need 5/10 to pass the test. Your score will be displayed immediately. If your score is below 5, this means you do not have the required basic  knowledge. In that case, we would strongly recommend you to choose another course.
  3. Obtain the textbook.
  4. Be present during the first lecture of the course.
  5. Actively participate during all lectures, tutorials and discussions.
  6. Regularly check the announcements on Ufora during this six-week time frame.


Evaluation of the course:

The assessment is entirely continuous and consists of different written and oral team assignments in addition to a written exam at the end of the module. Attendance of the first session is compulsory. Attendance is also compulsory during the tutorials and discussions: students who are absent without justification, cannot pass this course. Justified absences should be reported in advance by email to the instructor.

General course specifications

Consult the general specifications of this course in the exchange programme in economics and business admin.