How to make changes in your curriculum

Before mobility

The course selection from your Learning Agreement (LA) BEFORE mobility, will automatically show in your Oasis and Ufora account upon arrival.

Upon arrival

Make sure you finalize your registration as exchange student upon arrival! At that moment you also receive your student card.


The first two weeks of the semester you have time to attend alternative subjects compared to your learning agreement BEFORE mobility and to make changes in your curriculum.

To initiate these processes we use Oasis and Ufora , two online student information systems:

  • Ufora gives you access to the online learning environment. In this platform each subject has a specific course site. This course site is used by the lecturer in charge to communicate assignments, schedules, group divisions, important announcements, etc.
  • Oasis is a database to manage student administration and curriculum registration.


Important: Oasis synchronizes with Ufora. What you change in Oasis will change in Ufora (not the other way around!)

Week 1 + 2 from the semester

  • The course selection from your LA BEFORE mobility, is automatically registered in your Oasis and Ufora account upon arrival.
  • If you also want to try out other subjects, you need to add these courses before the start of the semester in your Oasis curriculum!
  • Don't submit your Oasis curriculum for approval yet.
  • We insist that you attend all the (online) classes you wish to take in order to check if you made a good choice.
  • Discuss the changes you want to make with your supervisor at your HOME university!

Final curriculum registration

Timing = Saturday of week 2 = strict deadline!

You attended the first lessons? You are sure you meet all the course requirements? You made your final course selection? You have approval from your home university?

4x 'yes'? Ok! Now you can proceed...

You make NO changes in your curriculum

  • Your course selection remains the same compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
  • This shows in your Oasis curriculum.
  • Submit your Oasis curriculum for approval. (see manual)

You make CHANGES in your curriculum

    • You make changes in your curriculum compared to your LA BEFORE mobility.
    • Register your final subject selection/curriculum in your Oasis account and submit to approval. (see manual)
    • At the same time you need to submit your LA DURING mobility document to
The process to change your curriculum is repeated at the start of each semester so when you're staying for 1 year, you can submit one semester at a time.