Where are my class rooms?

In the course schedule, the name of the class room is specified for each course.

For example: Hov AUD Van Vaerenbergh

The first part (Hov) refers to the building, the second part (AUD Van Vaerenbergh) is the name of the class room/auditorium.

Classes are organized in different buildings/faculties but the distance between most of the locations is no more than 10 minutes by bicycle.


example: Sterre AUD A2- S9  (Sterre = location, AUD A2 = name of class room, S9 = name of building)


Abbreviations auditorium locations:

  • Hov = Hoveniersberg 24 (Fac. of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Mercator = Henleykaai 84 (Fac. of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Bla = Blandijnberg 2 (Fac. of Arts and Philosophy)
  • Coupure Links = Coupure Links 653 (Fac. of Bio-Engineering)
  • FPPW = Henri Dunantlaan 2 (Fac. of Psychology and Educational Sciences)
  • Led = K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35 (Fac. of Sciences)
  • Pla/Roz = Jozef Plateaustraat 22 (Fac. of Engineering and Architecture)
  • RTB = Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 (UFO-building)
  • Sterre = Krijgslaan 281 (Faculty of Sciences)
  • Strop = Stropkaai 38
  • Uni = Universiteitstraat 8 (Fac. of Political and Social Sciences/Fac. of Law)
  • UZ = De Pintelaan 185 (Ghent University hospital)