What is Oasis and Ufora?

Oasis = online managing student administration

Through the Oasis application you can register your exchange study programme, consult important information about your curriculum, grades, make prints of attestations (f.e. certificate of attendance), exam schedules, etc.

You have a personal Oasis account, accessible with your UGent login and password.

Manual: 'How to use Oasis'


Ufora = online learning environment

With your UGent log-in and password, you can access the online learning platform.

In this platform each subject has a specific course site. This course site is used by the lecturer in charge to communicate assignments, schedules, group divisions, important announcements, etc.

To get access to the information: you must register your courses via Oasis. Any course registered in Oasis will appear in Ufora (not the other way around!)

  • Ufora is a learning platform, it is not your official registration to the course!
  • Please make sure to register before the start of the semester to the course sites which you wish to follow in order not to miss any information (rescheduling of the class, reading material, test material, etc.)

Manual: 'Ufora for students'


All information published on Ufora is considered as known for all students!
 Courses from your Learning Agreement BEFORE mobility will automatically show in your Oasis and Ufora account!
Oasis and Ufora are synchronized with each other overnight: what you change in Oasis will change in Ufora (not the other way around!)