Do I have to register for courses?

The first two weeks of the semester you have the chance to take part in the classes and see if you meet the basic requirements and if it answers your expectations.

UGent doesn't work with student number limitations in the courses!

Keep in mind that you have to communicate every change in your learning agreement with your home university!

  • Before arrival: we process the registration of your subjects in Oasis (see 'related items') based on your application: learning agreement 'before the mobility'.
  • Arrival: link the subjects you want to take in your Minerva account (see 'related items') before the first class. Based on that, you can also attend courses (during the first weeks) that were no part in your study programme upon application.
  • During mobility: registration of your final study programme (sem1) by 06-10-2018:
  1. You tried the first lessons? You checked the basic and specific course requirements? You are sure you meet the basic requirements? You have approval from your home university? Ok! Now, you can proceed.
  2. Register your final subject selection in your personal Oasis account by 06-10-2018! (see 'related items')
  3. Fill out the learning agreement 'DURING the mobility' and provide it to the faculty international office by e-mail.: (see 'related items')


Deadline = 06-10-2018 to submit the final registration in Oasis and the learning agreement, after which no other changes to the study programme (for the 1st semester) will be accepted.
Important: before the start of classes, upload each course of your curriculum to your Minerva account! Then you'll have access to the learning platform of each course (announcement from the lecturers, study material, test info, etc.)