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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Ghent University.

Each year we host more than 250 incoming exchange students from partner universities through the Erasmus+ programme and other co-operations worldwide.

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Exchange programme for incoming students

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Conditions for the participation in the exchange programme

Before sending your online application, please check if you meet the requirements to enter our exchange programme:

  • You can only enter the exchange programme of our faculty if there is a bilateral cooperation agreement (in the Erasmus+ framework or other) between your home university and our faculty.
  • You have to be nominated by your home university. Please ask your international office for advice and information about your options.
  • Do you have a B2 English level language certificate ?
  • Do you find suitable courses at our faculty? The majority of subjects are taught on Master level!
  • Can you compose an exchange curriculum of minimum 24 ECTS/semester?
  • Important: incoming exchange students are required to have a balanced workload between the exchange curriculum and the workload of the degree components that would normally be completed at the sending institution (and which will be ‘replaced’ after successful completing the exchange programme).
  • This means that the workload of educational components at the sending institution (to be replaced during mobility) should also amount minimum 24 ECTS (= table B of the LA)!
    Nominated students should have at least 24 ECTS available (thesis not included) in their degree programme at the start of the exchange period, for credit transfer to ‘replace’ degree components during mobility.
  • Do you meet the initial competences to enter the courses?
  • Are the dates of our academic calendar suitable for you?
  • The duration of your exchange period you apply for is the maximum period we can host you as exchange student. Prolongation during your stay is NOT possible!

Internships, thesis, free movers

  • Please note that we have no open internships available at administrative level.

If you have been invited for a traineeship in a specific department of our faculty, please contact the professor concerned who signed your training agreement.

  • It is not possible to write a thesis, Master dissertation, etc. within our exchange programme.
  • Studying as a 'free mover' at Ghent University is not possible. Student exchange is only possible in the framework of an inter-institutional agreement between partner universities.

Exchange programme

The exchange programme includes all the English taught subjects at our faculty, composed out of 5 different study fields at 2 different levels.

  • The course titles don't always reflect the content. It is crucial to read the course specifications and initial competences of each course. See our online exchange programme: click on a subject of your choice and a pdf-file pops up.
  • Study level: the majority of subjects in the exchange programme are taught at Master level. As a Bachelor student you might be allowed to take a Master course if you can proof that you meet the initial competences/course requirements of the course concerned.
  • Workload: you need to compose a curriculum with a workload of minimum 24 ECTS/semester (without overlap!). A regular workload at Ghent University is 30 ECTS/semester or 60 ECTS/year.
  • Course schedule: Due to our 'open offer policy' it is  impossible to harmonise the schedules from the different study fields with each other. So it is your responsibility to compose a study programme without timetable conflicts. Courses in the study field of Ma Business Economics are taught in a modular schedule and with permanent evaluation! It’s a time slot based teaching approach with active teaching methods and class engagement, organised in teaching blocks of 6 weeks. This means that it will be difficult to match with timetables in other study fields.
  • Maximum 40% of credits in your exchange curriculum can be selected from other faculties at Ghent University

Exchange programme 2018-2019 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Course schedule 2018-2019 sem1 : available here                                                                                                                                                                                      Course schedule 2018-2019 sem2: available here

Language requirements

To follow courses in English at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration level B2 is required.

As prospect exchange student you need to provide one of the following language certificates: more info

A statement from your international office/English teacher is NOT sufficient!

For information about language tests and courses:  University Language Center (UCT)

 Academic calendar

The academic year is divided into 2 semesters: winter term (September - January) and spring term (February - June)

Academic calendar 2018-2019


  • Exams take place at the end of each semester for all courses except those with a system of permanent evaluation and the subjects in the study field Ma Business Economics (evaluation after each 'module').
Exam period winter semester = 07-01-2019 until 02-02-2019
Exam period spring semester = 27-05-2019 until 29-06-2019
Resit examinations (winter/spring) =  19-08-2019 until 14-09-2019
  • Exams are in English and can be either written or oral. Sometimes you will be asked to write a paper instead of writing an exam.
  • Dutch taught courses  have an exam in Dutch.
  • Results of the exams are definitive.
  • In case you failed an exam, you have the right to take a resit exam during the scheduled resit period.
  • Resit period = August-September (also for exchange students!)
  • Results are only available after the official publication date at the end of each exam period. Also for resit exams!
  • No long distance exams are organised!

Life@Ghent University, accommodation, etc.

Here you will find information about Ghent University and its facilities: life@Ghent University

How to become an exchange student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration?

Application deadlines

The application deadlines are set to May 15th (1st sem/winter) and November 15th (2nd sem/spring)

Application procedure

You need to complete the necessary online administration before you can be accepted at our faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Your application will only be taken in consideration if your file is complete!

Read the procedure carefully!

Application doesn't imply automatic approval, every application will be evaluated on grades, study level, proposed study programme, motivation, etc.

Prolongation exchange period

You can only stay for the period you have applied for. At our faculty, prolongation of your exchange period is NOT possible during your exchange period.