Business Administration Seminar: Ute Stephan

15-03-2017 from 11:00 to 13:00
Classroom 2.1, campus Tweekerken, building Hoveniersberg, Tweekerkenstraat 2, 9000 Gent
Dr. Iris Vanaelst
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You are kindly invited to attend the External Business Administration Seminar by Ute Stephan (Aston University, Birmingham, UK) on the topic of Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health and Well-Being”.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2017 at 11:00 am in room 2.1 (Hoveniersberg, 2nd floor). 

Please confirm your attendance by Friday 10 March 2017 at 2pm through the following doodle:


Professor Ute Stephan is the Chair of Entrepreneurship at Aston University, Birmingham (UK), Director of the Aston Centre for Research into International Entrepreneurship and Business (ACRIEB), and Editor-in-Chief of Applied Psychology: An International Review. Ute holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Marburg (Germany) and was previously at the University of Sheffield (UK), the London School of Economics (UK), KU Leuven (Belgium), and TU Dresden (Germany).

Her research interests are (1) the relationships between culture, institutions and entrepreneurship and (2) social entrepreneurship. Other work explores entrepreneurial motivation and well-being. Ute published in leading journals such as the Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Management Science, Journal of Business Venturing among others. Her research has been featured in the media including the Financial Times and Forbes, and has attracted over 3 Mio GBP of funding from the European Commission, the UK Government, the UK Research councils, Charities, German Government Institutions, and the German Research Council. Ute is a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project and the GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) study, and currently co-leads the European Commission funded SEFORIS project – Social Entrepreneurship as a Force for more Innovative and Inclusive Societies ( She serves on the editorial boards of JIBS and ETP and as a member of the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Research Committee.


Entrepreneurs' Mental Health and Well-Being: A Review

Interest in entrepreneurs' mental health and well-being (MWB) is growing among entrepreneurship and management scholars. This review takes stock of relevant knowledge that exists dispersed across disciplines such as organizational psychology, economics, occupational and public health research as well as entrepreneurship research. The review integrates insights from 117 empirical studies focussing on the three research streams that dominate research on entrepreneurs' MWB: (1) Do entrepreneurs have better or worse MWB than employees?, What are the (2) antecedents and (3) consequences of entrepreneurs' MWB? The review provides a mapping and framework that advance research on entrepreneurs MWB and help to position entrepreneurs' MWB more centrally in management and entrepreneurship research – including as a driver of firm performance. Past research has been dominated by applying models developed for employees to understand entrepreneurs' MWB. The findings highlight the limitations of this approach and point the way to developing a dedicated theory of entrepreneurial work and MWB. The review identifies some MWB benefits for entrepreneurs compared to employees. However, the findings suggests rethinking this research question and uncover five critical sources of heterogeneity that explain conflicting results. Implications for future research and insights for work in related disciplines are discussed.