PhDs Applied Economic Sciences per year


    1. Jan/13/2017 DE BAETS Shari (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Allowing for promotion effects in forecasting: Effects of judgment and formal forecasts
    2. Mar/13/2017 VERWAEREN Bart (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS - de H. Xavier BAETEN )
      It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it: The effect of accountability focus on individual exploratory search
    3. ???/??/2017 INGELS Jonas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Broos MAENHOUT )
      Robustness in the personnel shift scheduling problem: the modelling and validation of different proactive and reactive strategies


    1. Apr/15/2016 PACHECO Natalia Araujo (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. Dr. Cristiane PIZZUTTI )
      Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Reactions to Service Failures.
    2. May/04/2016 HUYGHE Elke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      How subtle changes in the food environment can help consumers make healthier food choices.
    3. Jun/20/2016 BOSSUYT Saar (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE - Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      Morality in the marketplace: Investigating the antecedents of unethical consumer behavior.
    4. Jun/22/2016 VAN DE SOMPEL Dieneke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      Insights in children's consumer related activities and reactions to advertising
    5. Jun/27/2016 D'HAEN Jeroen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Predictive Analytics for Lead Acquisition
    6. Jun/28/2016 DAVIDSON Tina (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Speaking up when silence is golden: A study of antecedents and consequences of voice behaviour in China.
    7. Sep/02/2016 BATSELIER Jordy (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Empirical evaluation of existing and novel approaches for project forecasting and control.
    8. Sep/09/2016 KERKHOVE Louis-Philippe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Improving decision making for incentivised and weather-sensitive projects.
    9. Sep/14/2016 MATAIGNE Virginie (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Essays on mergers and acquisitions and financing choices of listed firms.
    10. Sep/16/2016 LEYMAN Pieter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Heuristic algorithms for payment models in project scheduling.
    11. Sep/21/2016 CRUCKE Saskia (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mirjam KNOCKAERT )
      Governance characteristcs as antecedents for organizational performance in social enterprises.
    12. Sep/27/2016 NGO Quang Huy (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN - Prof. dr. Sophie HOOZÉE )
      Costing system design and managerial behaviour: underlying mechanisms.
    13. Oct/19/2016 DE MEYERE Michiel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Heidi VANDER BAUWHEDE - Prof. dr. Philippe VAN CAUWENBERGE )
      Earnings Attributes and the Financing of Privately-Held Businesses.
    14. Oct/24/2016 VAN DEN DRIESSCHE Liesbet (Prom.: Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR - Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      The curious case of curiosity: Studies on the influence of curiosity on consumer behavior.
    15. Nov/14/2016 GEORGE Bert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Sebastian DESMIDT )
      Unravelling the Determinants of Strategic Planning Effectiveness in Public Organizations: A Strategic Decision-Making Perspective at the Individual and Organizational Level.


    1. Feb/19/2015 VANDENBROUCKE Elien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mirjam KNOCKAERT )
      The role of external board members in high tech start-ups. A resource dependency and board capital perspective.
    2. Mar/05/2015 ROGGEMAN Annelies (Prom.: Prof. dr. Philippe VAN CAUWENBERGE )
      Essays on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
    3. Apr/17/2015 COLIN Jeroen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Single and multi-variate methods for statistical project control using earned value management.
    4. Apr/24/2015 DE REGGE Melissa (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Philippe DUYCK )
      Managing a changing health care environment Aligning hospital processes to the nature of care
    5. May/13/2015 LEMBREGTS Christophe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      Fooled by Numbers: Investigating the Role of Numerical Information in Judgments.
    6. May/20/2015 ROELENS Ben (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS )
      From Business Logic to Business Process: Designing Strategy-aligned Business Processes
    7. May/21/2015 LABYT Christophe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      How autonomy affects hedonic consumption
    8. May/22/2015 KREKELS Goedele (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      Essays on Dispositional Greed: The Effect of Insatiability on Consumer Behavior
    9. Jun/01/2015 STANDAERT Willem (Prom.: Prof. dr. Steve MUYLLE )
      Effectiveness of Communication Technologies for Distributed Business Meetings
    10. Jun/23/2015 PAELEMAN Ine (Prom.: Prof. dr. Tom VANACKER - Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      The role of slack resources in the development of privately held firms
    11. Jul/02/2015 LIEVENS Delfine (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan CHRISTIAENS - Prof. dr. Brice DE RUYVER )
      The governmental supervision and management of expenditures regarding the realization and evaluation of drug policy.
    12. Aug/20/2015 DE KEYSER Arne (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart LARIVIÈRE )
      Understanding and Managing the Customer Experience.
    13. Sep/03/2015 VERLEYEN Isabelle (Prom.: Prof. dr. Philippe VAN CAUWENBERGE )
      Essays on the harmonization of the corporate tax system in Europe
    14. Sep/10/2015 DE BAERDEMAEKER Jolien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN - Prof. dr. Patricia EVERAERT )
      A contribution to our understanding of the psychological effects underlying the budgeting process and its outcomes.
    15. Sep/18/2015 WAUTERS Mathieu (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Time/cost optimization and forecasting in project scheduling and control.
    16. Oct/12/2015 PAUWELS Charlotte (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      New venture evolution: a resource management perspective
    17. Oct/15/2015 DUMAS Christel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Lutgart VAN DEN BERGHE )
      The Challenges of Responsible Investment Mainstreaming: Beliefs, Tensions and Paradoxes
    18. Oct/16/2015 DENOO Lien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Antecedents and performance implications of new ventures' business model development processes in the mobile health industry
    19. Oct/26/2015 VAN BOXSTAEL Anneleen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE - Prof. dr. Nathalie MORAY )
      The psychological perspective in entrepreneurship: identity, new venture logics and emerging markets.
    20. Nov/03/2015 BERNAERT Maxime (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS )
      Enterprise Architecture for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: CHOOSE
    21. Nov/25/2015 CLAES Jan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS - Prof. dr. Frederik GAILLY )
      Investigating the Process of Process Modeling and its Relation to Modeling Quality: The Role of Structured Serialization.
    22. Dec/21/2015 RONSSE Stijn (Prom.: Prof. dr. Glenn RAYP )
      Explorations in cliometrics.


    1. Feb/21/2014 TRYBOU Jeroen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL )
      Physician-Hospital Alignment: Economic, Administrative and Professional Aspects.
    2. Apr/29/2014 BALLINGS Michel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Advances and Applications in Ensemble Learning
    3. May/05/2014 AUDENAERT Mieke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Alex VANDERSTRAETEN - Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      How Human Resource Management Motivates Employees: the Role of Job-Level Perceived HRM, Motivational Processes, and Situational Context
    4. May/26/2014 OPDECAM Evelien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patricia EVERAERT )
      Empirical essays on team learning in accounting education
    5. May/28/2014 BOGAERTS Tess (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      Beyond rationality: How individual differences result in suboptimal choices
    6. Aug/22/2014 HUYGHE Annelore (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mirjam KNOCKAERT )
      Towards a model for understanding entrepreneurial intentions in an academic context.
    7. Aug/25/2014 GESKENS Kristof (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Bert WEIJTERS )
      How Goals Affect Consumer Choice
    8. Oct/10/2014 VAN DER HAUWAERT Evelyn (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN - Prof. dr. Patricia EVERAERT )
      Enabling performance measurement systems and managerial behavior: the underlying drivers and mechanisms
    9. Nov/03/2014 MAHAJAN Aarti (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Value Creation in Technology-based Firms: The Role of Bricolage, Ecosystems and Business Models
    10. Nov/10/2014 BUYLEN Bénédicte (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan CHRISTIAENS )
      Politics by numbers? Modernizing local government and its impact on Flemish politicians


    1. Feb/26/2013 VAN GEYT Debby (Prom.: Prof. dr. Philippe VAN CAUWENBERGE - Prof. dr. Heidi VANDER BAUWHEDE )
      Analysis of insider Trading in Belgium
    2. Apr/25/2013 HEUGHEBAERT Andy (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Entrepreneurial financing decisions, venture capital ownership and bargaining power
    3. Aug/20/2013 DE VOLDERE Bart (Prom.: Prof. dr. Marion DEBRUYNE )
      On the effect of strategic industry factor innovation on incumbent reaction, survival, and performance
    4. Aug/30/2013 VERLEYE Katrien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Deva RANGARAJAN )
      Ready for a Co-Creative Economy? Implications of Customer Engagement in Value Creation for High-Contact and Technology-Based Service Interfaces
    5. Sep/09/2013 LOTERMAN Gert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS - Prof. dr. Manu DE BACKER )
      Predicting Loss Given Default
    6. Sep/19/2013 MEERT Katrien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      Attracted to attractiveness? The role of appeal and luxury on consumers' mind, attitudes, and values.
    7. Oct/11/2013 DE SCHOENMAKER Sofie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Philippe VAN CAUWENBERGE - Prof. dr. Heidi VANDER BAUWHEDE )
      Issues in financial reporting of European entreprises
    8. Oct/17/2013 QUASCHNING Simon (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      De invloed van onzekerheid op pre- en postbeslissingsprocessen
    9. Oct/18/2013 TESSITORE Tina (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Mario PANDELAERE )
      The Role of Skeptical Processing in Product Placement Effectiveness
    10. Nov/04/2013 DEVIGNE David (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      International venture capital investors and the impact on their portfolio companies in Europe.
    11. Nov/19/2013 DE PAUW Ann-Sophie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Herman VAN DEN BROECK )
      Bridging the faultline gap: Antecedents of cooperative decision-making in crossed-groups social dilemmas
    12. Dec/12/2013 BRUYLAND Evy (Prom.: Prof. dr. Olivier DE JONGHE - Prof. dr. Wouter DE MAESENEIRE )


    1. Feb/01/2012 BAETEN Xavier (Prom.: Prof. dr. Lutgart VAN DEN BERGHE )
      Firm-level corporate governance characteristics and CEO remuneration: a cross-national European study.
    2. Mar/12/2012 STEVENS Robin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      The social and economic proclivity of social enterprises: Antecedents, measurement, and dynamics
    3. Apr/13/2012 BOBELYN Annelies (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Technology acquisitions: a study of the three parties involved
    4. Apr/27/2012 DE BOCK Tine (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Consumer Ethics: The Role of Personality, Intuition, and Hypocrisy
    5. Aug/23/2012 SLABBINCK Hendrik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      The development and validation of a new measure of implicit motives and a first application in consumer research
    6. Sep/07/2012 SOENS Nele (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Line Managers' Contributions to High-Performance Work Systems: An Empirical Study of the Agents, Outcomes, and Mediators of HRM Implementation
    7. Sep/21/2012 BAECKE Philippe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Essays on Data Augmentation: The value of Additional Information
    8. Oct/12/2012 VANVAERENBERGH Yves (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart LARIVIÈRE - Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Customer Reactions to Service Failure and Recovery Encounters
    9. Oct/25/2012 DE PRIJCKER Sofie (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Essays on international private equity transactions
    10. Nov/23/2012 DE COCK Robin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Understanding the Holy Grail of strategic management: The micro-foundations and performance conditions of dynamic capabilities
    11. Dec/11/2012 HEUVINCK Nico (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      Underneath the skin of attitude ambivalence: different types of ambivalence
    12. Dec/18/2012 VAN LOOY Amy (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS - Prof. dr. Manu DE BACKER )
      Business process maturity. A comparative study on a sample of business process maturity models


    1. Feb/03/2011 THORLEUCHTER Dirk (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL - Prof. dr. Anita PRINZIE )
      Essays on Text Mining for Improved Decision Making
    2. May/25/2011 DECRAMER Adelien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan CHRISTIAENS )
      Employee Performance Management in Higher Education
    3. Jun/01/2011 BENOIT Dries (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Essays on Bayesian Quantile Regression Using Laplace-like distributions with Applications in Economics
    4. Jun/16/2011 VAN KERCKHOVE Anneleen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      The Role of Knowledge Accessibility in Consumer Behavior
    5. Jun/22/2011 VERBRUGGEN Sandra (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan CHRISTIAENS )
      Nonprofit organizations: financial reporting, auditing and earnings management
    6. Jul/04/2011 BOUTEN Lies (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patricia EVERAERT )
      On the determinants of social and environmental reporting and its role as an accountability mechanism
    7. Aug/26/2011 SELS Veronique (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Hybrid (meta-)heuristic optimization for single machine, parallel machine and job shop scheduling problems
    8. Sep/21/2011 VANNESTE Sofie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Scientometric studies in marketing


    1. May/26/2010 STOUTEN Hendrik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Learning from a microworld in fisheries management
    2. May/28/2010 VAN PETEGHEM Vincent (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Multi-mode Resource-constrained Project Scheduling Problem: Metaheuristic Solution Procedures and Extensions
    3. Jun/03/2010 HOOZÉE Sophie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN - Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      On the determinants and the role of costing accuracy of time-driven activity-based costing
    4. Jun/21/2010 VANDECASTEELE Bert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS )
      Innovative Consumers: Who, Why, and How toTarget?
    5. Aug/25/2010 LAURIER Wim (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS )
      The Resource-Event-Agent Ontology as a Foundation for Business Modeling
    6. Sep/03/2010 VERHAERT Griet (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      The Role of Database Marketing in Improving Direct Mail Fundraising
    7. Sep/10/2010 CABOOTER Elke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      The impact of situational and dispositional variables on response styles with respect to attitude measures
    8. Sep/24/2010 ADAMS Leen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Iris VERMEIR )
      Investigating the Effectiveness of Health Campaigns
    9. Sep/30/2010 DE BOCK Koen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Enhancing Database Marketing with Ensemble Learning
    10. Nov/08/2010 DECREUS Ken (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS )
      Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering for Business Processes


    1. Jan/07/2009 BOUCKENOOGHE Dave (Prom.: Prof. dr. Herman VAN DEN BROECK )
      What is crucial in developing a positive attitude toward change? The role of content, context, process and individual variables in understanding readiness for change
    2. Mar/16/2009 LAMADRID Richel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Strategy Making and Entrepreneurial Orientation: Relationship Possibilities and Potentials
    3. May/15/2009 COLLEWAERT Veroniek (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      The Pre- and Post-investment Relationship between Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs: The Scope and Impact of Information Problems and Conflicts
    4. May/25/2009 GOEDERTIER Frank (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS )
      Brand Typicality and the Adoption of New Products
    5. May/26/2009 VANACKER Tom (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Financing Unquoted High-Growth Companies: From Extending Existing Finance Theory Towards an Evolutionary Theory of the Finance Process
    6. Jun/30/2009 LETENS Geert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Integrated Performance Management and Transformational Change: A Multilevel and Evolutionary Perspective
    7. Jul/08/2009 BRUNEEL Johan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Internationalization of young, technology-based firms: an organizational learning and social capital perspective
    8. Oct/06/2009 SPITHOVE André (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Measuring Open Innovation: Empirical Insights in a Multifaceted Phenomenon
    9. Nov/30/2009 VANPOUCKE Evelyne (Prom.: Prof. dr. Ann VEREECKE )
      Supply Chain Integration and Performance: Empirical essays in a manufacturing context
    10. Dec/09/2009 NGUYEN Thang (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Human resource training, organizational strategy and firm performance in emerging economies: the case of Vietnam
    11. Dec/14/2009 DUYCK Philippe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Bart SIJNAVE )
      Digitizing a Radiology Department: User acceptance of a Picture Archiving and Communication System
    12. Dec/15/2009 BALCAEN Sofie (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Explaining distress-related firm exit: Analysis of exit paths
    13. Dec/18/2009 VERNIERS Isabel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Essays on marketing of scientific innovations


    1. Feb/22/2008 DESMIDT Sebastian (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Towards a better understanding of themission statement - performance relationship: literature analyses and empirical investigations from a strategic management perspective at the organizational and individual level
    2. Apr/16/2008 FASEUR Tineke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS - Prof. dr. Patrick DE PELSMACKER )
      The effectiveness of emotions in advertising: Investigating multiple dimensions of emotions
    3. May/19/2008 IZQUIERDO Edgar (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Impact assessment of an educational intervention based on the constructivist paradigm on the development of entrepreneurial competenties in university students
    4. Aug/22/2008 LEPOUTRE Jan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Proactive Environmental Strategies in Small Businesses: Resources, Institutions and Dynamic Capabilities
    5. Oct/17/2008 COUSSEMENT Kristof (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Issues in customer intelligence: Data and method creativity to improve marketing decision making
    6. Dec/16/2008 GAILLY Frederik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Geert POELS )
      Operationalization of Business Ontologies: Representation, Formalization and Application
    7. Dec/19/2008 DE STOBBELEIR Katleen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Employee Proactivity in the Feedback Context: A Study of the Causes, Mechanisms and Consequences of Feedback-Seeking Behavior


    1. Mar/20/2007 GEEROMS Nele (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Towards a Better Understanding of Motivational Consumer Behavior - Cross-Validation, Construct Validation and Application of a Psychological Taxonomy of Consumer Motives
    2. Mar/27/2007 VANDAELE Darline (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL )
      Governance of Business Services Exchanges: Contracts, Relations and Frontline Employee Behaviour
    3. Apr/23/2007 VAN CAUWENBERGE Philippe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Ignace DE BEELDE )
      Essays on Comprehensive Income
    4. Apr/26/2007 WINDELS Paul (Prom.: Prof. dr. Johan CHRISTIAENS )
      Analysis of change in the economic and financial management of governmental organisations
    5. May/21/2007 SARENS Gerrit (Prom.: Prof. dr. Ignace DE BEELDE )
      The Role of Internal Auditing in Corporate Governance: Qualitative and Quantitative Insights on the Influence of Organisational Characteristics
    6. May/30/2007 WIJNEN Katrien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Gone but not forgotten: The role of unacceptable options in decision making
    7. Jun/06/2007 LEVRAU Abigail (Prom.: Prof. dr. Lutgart VAN DEN BERGHE )
      Corporate Governance and the Board of Directors: a Qualitative-Oriented Inquiry into the Determinants of Board Effectiveness
      NL abstract  / Eng abstract
    8. Jun/19/2007 FASSIN Yves (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Marc BUELENS )
      Business Ethics, Stakeholder Management and Related Fields in Entrepreneurship : an Analysis of Concerns, Perceptions and Inconsistencies
    9. Sep/05/2007 COOLS Eva (Prom.: Prof. dr. Herman VAN DEN BROECK )
      The influence of cognitive styles on managerial behaviour and attitudes
    10. Sep/12/2007 BUREZ Jonathan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Defining, Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn in Contractual Settings (public PhD defense video)
    11. Sep/25/2007 MAENHOUT Broos (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Exact and Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Nurse Shift Scheduling Problems
    12. Dec/05/2007 JAHANGIR Alam (Prom.: Prof. dr. Ignace DE BEELDE )
      Financial Disclosure in Developing Countries with Especial Reference to Bangladesh


    1. Mar/28/2006 DE CANNIÈRE Marie Hélène (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick DE PELSMACKER )
      Investigating the moderating influence of customer characteristics on the relationship between behavioural loyalty and its antecedents
    2. Apr/14/2006 ZHAN Jun (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Marc BUELENS )
      Development of Theory of Entrepreneurial Orientation: Empirical Evidences from Hebei, China and Flanders, Belgium
    3. Jun/20/2006 DECOENE Valerie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      Contributions to theory-consistent balanced scorecard research in management accounting
    4. Jun/22/2006 BAEYENS Katleen (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Essays on the Determinants and Long-term Effects of Entrepreneurial Financing Choices
    5. Jun/29/2006 STEENHAUT Sarah (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Towards a Better Understanding of Unethical Consumer Behavior - The Influence of Individual Characteristics, Situational Circumstances and Emotional Experiences in Consumers' Ethical Decision-Making Processes
    6. Aug/29/2006 VAN DE WEGHE Peter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      Incentive Framing Effectiveness in a Multidimensional Task Environment
    7. Sep/01/2006 VERHAEGHE Rik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Peter VLERICK )
      Work characteristics, psychological well-being and sickness absence among hospital nurses
    8. Sep/14/2006 VAN DE VELDE Els (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      The Performance of Corporate Spin-offs and the Implications for their Technology Strategy
    9. Oct/05/2006 WEIJTERS Bert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS )
      Response styles in consumer research
    10. Oct/27/2006 MEULEMAN Miguel (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Syndication in the Private Equity Market
    11. Oct/31/2006 DEBELS Dieter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mario VANHOUCKE )
      Exact and Heuristic Optimisation for Various Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems
    12. Dec/22/2006 WOUTERS Karen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Managerial learning from on-the-job experiences: An empirical study of the mediators and moderators in the relationship between developmental OTJ experiences and managerial learning outcomes


    1. Jan/18/2005 DEWETTINCK Koen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      Empowerment and control dynamics in service contexts: conceptual exploration and empirical validation of the impact on frontline employee affect and performance
    2. Apr/12/2005 HARTOG Vera (Prom.: Prof. dr. Philippe HASPESLAGH )
      Mergers and Acquisitions: A multiple method study on the impact of culture differences on strategy realization
    3. May/13/2005 PRINZIE Anita (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Description and prediction of customer behavior by using sequential information for analytical Customer Relationship Management: Exploiting sequential and evolutionary patterns for supporting cross-selling and customer-attrition strategies
    4. May/23/2005 LARIVIÈRE Bart (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Towards understanding, predicting and preventing customer churn in the financial services industry
    5. Jun/29/2005 DENTCHEV Nikolay (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Corporate social performance: Business rationale, competitiveness threats and management challenges
    6. Jul/04/2005 BUCKINX Wouter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Using predictive modeling for targeted marketing in a non-contractual retail setting
    7. Jul/08/2005 BEUSELINCK Christof (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Sophie MANIGART )
      Essays on Financial Reporting Quality, Earnings Management and Corporate Disclosure
    8. Sep/08/2005 KNOCKAERT Mirjam (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      Does Venture Capital Matter for High Tech Start-ups? An analysis of European Early Stage Investors
    9. Sep/15/2005 VANTOMME Delphine (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS )
      The Usefulness of the Implicit Association Test for Consumer Behavior Research
    10. Dec/14/2005 KONDAKÇI Yaşar (Prom.: Prof. dr. Herman VAN DEN BROECK )
      Practice-Based Continuous Change Process: A longitudinal Investigation of an Organizational Change Process in a Higher Education Organization
    11. Dec/19/2005 VAN ROSSEM Annick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Marc BUELENS )
      Classics, Fads and Fashion in Management: A Study of Managerial Cognition
    12. Dec/22/2005 VERSTRAETEN Geert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DEN POEL )
      Issues in Predictive Modeling of Individual Customer Behavior: Applications in Targeted Marketing and Consumer Credit Scoring


    1. Sep/15/2004 MORAY Nathalie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      The Creation of Science-Based Entrepreneurial Firms as Institutionally Enacted Processes
    2. Nov/10/2004 DE MAN Stefanie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Peter VLERICK )
      Employee-related antecedents of the waiting experience and service quality in outpatient clinics
    3. Dec/03/2004 HEIRMAN Ans (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE )
      From Invention to Innovation: A Study of Research-Based Start-Ups


    1. May/08/2003 VERMEIR Iris (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      The Influence of Need for Closure on Consumer Behaviour
    2. Nov/25/2003 WILLEM Annick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Marc BUELENS )
      The role of organisation specific integration mechanisms in inter-unit knowledge sharing


    1. Jun/03/2002 BOSMANS Anick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Affective Persuasive Communication: Multiple Roles of Affect Persuading the Consumer
    2. Jun/10/2002 DEBRUYNE Marion (Prom.: Prof. dr. Patrick VAN KENHOVE )
      Competitive reaction to new products
    3. Oct/30/2002 DE VOS Ans (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk BUYENS )
      The individual antecedents and the development of newcomers' psychological contracts during the socialization process: a longitudinal study.
    4. Nov/27/2002 BRENGMAN Malaika (Prom.: Prof. dr. Maggie GEUENS )
      The impact of colour in the store environment. An environmental psychology approach.
    5. Dec/20/2002 GOSSELIN Derrick-Philippe (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Aimé HEENE )
      Strategisch Accountmanagement: Accountmanagement vanuit een Strategisch Perspectief


    1. Jan/15/2001 VAN DER ELST Christoph (Prom.: Prof. dr. Lutgart VAN DEN BERGHE )
      Aandeelhoudersstructuren, aandeelhoudersconcentratie en controle van beursgenoteerde ondernemingen
    2. Feb/09/2001 VANDEVELDE Anneke (Prom.: Prof. dr. ir. Roland VAN DIERDONCK )
      The design-manufacturing interface and the role of prototyping with respect to the performance of a new product development project


    1. Dec/15/2000 SCHILLEWAERT Niels (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudolf FRAMBACH )
      Information tecnology enabled selling in buisiness market - studies on the acceptance and effects of information technology in the sales force


    1. Feb/08/1999 VAN POUCKE Dirk (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Marc BUELENS )
      Multipele referentiepunten bij distributieve onderhandelingen tussen twee partijen
    2. Jun/28/1999 DE WULF Kristof (Prom.: Prof. dr. Harry COMMANDEUR - Prof. dr. J. HOEKSTRA )
      The Role of the Seller in Enchancing Buyer-Seller Relationships. Empirical Studies in a Retail Context
    3. Dec/07/1999 EVERAERT Patricia (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      The impact of Target Costing on Cost, Quality and Time-to-Market of New Products: Results from Lab Experiments


    1. Apr/25/1997 VAN DER STEDE Wim (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      Strategy - Control - Performance : An Empirical Analysis in Large, Independent, Belgian Firms
    2. Nov/26/1997 CHRISTIAENS Johan (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Erik DE LEMBRE )
      Financial accounting reform in flemish municipalities : an empirical study of implementation and annual financial reports


    1. Jun/14/1996 CLARYSSE Bart (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Koen DEBACKERE )
      From Research Collaboration to product Commercialization: A Study of Power and Efficiency along the Biotech Life Cycle


    1. Sep/18/1995 GEMMEL Paul (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      A simulation-based experimental investigation of a hospital service requirements planning system under different sources of uncertainty
    2. Dec/15/1995 WAEYTENS Dominique (Prom.: Prof. dr. Werner BRUGGEMAN )
      The impact of activity-based budgeting on information asymmetry, budget slack creation, and related dysfunctional behaviors - results from lab experiments


    1. Oct/24/1994 SUMARNO Zain (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Hubert OOGHE )
      Failure prediction. An artificial intelligence approach
      NL abstract  / Eng abstract


    1. Apr/28/1992 HOUTHOOFD Noël (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Hubert OOGHE )
      Strategic groups in the Belgian brewing sector: performance organizational structure and task environment
      NL abstract  / Eng abstract


    1. Feb/16/1990 VAN KENHOVE Patrick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Jacques DE RIJCKE )
      Marktstructuuranalyse, een integratie van marktsegmentatie en marktafbakening : een constitutief en operationeel onderzoeksopzet
      NL abstract


    1. May/04/1988 DE PELSMACKER Patrick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Emiel VANLOMMEL )
      De geaggregeerde vraag naar personenwagens in België


    1. May/04/1983 BEGHIN Paul (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Hubert OOGHE )
      De informatie-inhoud van financiële rapportering


    1. Oct/22/1980 BRUGGEMAN Werner (Prom.: Prof. dr. Henri MULLER )
      Bedrijfseconomische evaluatie van geëntegreerde besluitvormingssystemen voor voorraadbeheer in een stochastisch universum


    1. Apr/20/1972 WINKELMANS Willy (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. André DEVREKER )
      De moderne havenindustrialisatie. Een empirisch-kwantitatief onderzoek van de lokalisatiemotieven en de relatiesproduktie-zeetransport van de olie- en chemienijverheid in de havens van Antwerpen en Rotterdam
    2. Apr/20/1972 DE VEUSSER Daniël (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Emiel VANLOMMEL )
      Management-Informatiesystemen. Instrument voor bedrijfsbesturing. Een kritisch onderzoek naar debruikbaarheid met proeven van toepassing
    3. Jun/23/1972 DE LEMBRE Erik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Raphaël VANALDERWEIRELDT )
      De waardebepaling van de onderneming
    4. Sep/28/1972 VAN DEN BROECK Julien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Willy VAN RIJCKEGHEM )
      Produktierelaties in een petroleumonderneming. Structuuranalyse met behulp van produktiefuncties
    5. Sep/28/1972 OOGHE Hubert (Prom.: Prof. dr. Jozef VAN ACKER )
      De figuur van de product manager. Een recente verschijning in de commerciële organisatie (bedr. econ. richt.)


    1. Jul/12/1963 NASHED William Naguib (Prom.: Prof. dr. André VLERICK )
      An approach to management development for the newly industrializing countries


    1. Mar/17/1961 WESTERMANN Lambertus (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Raphaël VANALDERWEIRELDT )
      De betekenis van enige kengetallenbetreffende de detailhandel


    1. Jun/20/1960 VAN SPRINGEL Jozef (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Raphaël VANALDERWEIRELDT )
      Aspecten van de problematiek entechniek van de bedrijfsbegroting en begrotingscontrole. Een bedrijfs-economische studie dienaangaande in het dagbladbedrijf


  1. Jun/30/1954 VAN ACKER Jozef (Prom.: Prof. dr. Em. Raphaël VANALDERWEIRELDT )
    Het belang van de multiplicator in de moderne economische analyse