Corporate Reporting and Performance Evaluation

Research topics

Areas of research:

    • Management accounting
    • Public sector and non-profit sector accounting
    • Corporate reporting, governance and auditing
    • Effectiveness  of Innovations in Accounting Education
    • The relation between government action and enterprise success (performance evaluation)


  • Professor Ignace De Beelde: corporate reporting and auditing
  • Professor Patricia Everaert: accounting education and management accounting
  • Professor Heidi Vander Bauwhede: corporate reporting (earnings quality), corporate governance (audit quality, audit committees), corporate performance and financing
  • Professor Philippe Van Cauwenberge: the relation between government action and enterprise success (performance evaluation).
  • Professor Sophie Hoozée: costing system design, management control, social and environmental accounting


  • Ignace De Beelde
    historical developments in accounting (e.g., accounting methods and the use of accounting information in colliery companies, understanding historical financial statements, the development of management accounting practices, the development of accounting in Eastern Europe,…) and auditing (the origin and development of the Belgian and French auditing professions); the structure of the auditing profession, issues with respect to auditor specialization, the internal auditing profession, and, within the field of accounting, the role of auditors in environmental accounting and corporate social responsibility reporting.
  • Patricia Everaert
    financial accounting, management.
  • Philippe Van Cauwenberge.
    Philippe Van Cauwenberge has performed research on the relation between government action and regulation on the one hand and company success on the other. His research agenda is inspired by events that could be observed in the Belgian economy.
  • Heidi Vander Bauwhede
    Heidi Vander Bauwhede has performed research on corporate reporting (earnings quality, corporate governance disclosure), audit quality, audit committees, and corporate performance. Her current work focuses on audit committee selection and monitoring, the consequences of high-quality reporting for debt financing and the impact of politics on corporate performance.
  • Sophie Hoozée