Legal databases (Jurisquare, Jura, Stradalex, Monkey)


Jurisquare offers acces to the journals of several publishers (Anthemis, Bruylant, Die Keure, Intersentia, Story Publishers) through a single interface using content and references.  There's also a link to Strad@ and Jur@.

Access (law campus only)


Jura is the most complete database on law containing law, jurisprudence, doctrines and models.

Acces (Campus Tweekerken and Law Campus only)

Strada Lex

Larcier Law publications in full text, POJT (former RAJE) with references to other law journals, Recueil annuel de jurisprudence Belge (referencing to jurisprudence in other law journals), Textbook of Fiscal Law-Thiberghien, DbDoc: an integrated search engine for public sources, Répertoire Notariale, journals in Jurisquare.

Acces (Campus Tweekerken and Law Campus only)


Monkey is a database (Wolters Klwuer) for tax law, accountancy and corporate law containing journals, news letters, law, jurisprudence, circulates, questions from parliament, forms.

Access (Campus Tweekerken and Law Campus only)

  • Only the catalogue link (above) can be used for access.
  • The direct links (within the catalogue) to the tax law journals only work when Monkey is opened.
  • Don't forget to close Monkey when you don't need to use it anymore so you don't occupy licenses unnecessary.


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