Economic research data

Zenodo (EU, CERN, OpenAire)

The OpenAIRE project, in the vanguard of the open access and open data movements in Europe was commissioned by the EC to support their nascent Open Data policy by providing a catch-all repository for EC funded research. CERN, an OpenAIRE partner and pioneer in open source, open access and open data, provided this capability and Zenodo was launched in May 2013.


Fred is an online databases, created by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (U.S.A.), with more than 61,000 economic time series from 48 different national (American), international, public and private sources.  Fred is updated regurarly and accessible 24/7.

ALFRED (Archival FRED) allows you to retrieve vintage versions of economic data that were available on specific dates in history.

Gesis datorium

Datorium is a data repository service for the social science and economic science research community (Gesis, Leibniz Association). It provides a user-friendly tool for the autonomous documentation, upload and publication of research data. This includes survey data, administrative data, tabular data and outputs of statistical analyses. Syntax files may also be submitted.

UK Data Service

  • Click on 'Get Data' (top banner)
  • Click on 'Key Data' (left)
  • 'International macrodata': contains data from the IMF, Worldbank, OECD, United Nations, International Energy Agency and the Human Rights Atlas. Directly available via
  • 'Qualitative / mixed methods': contains datasets from qualitative British research and international research.
  • You can also find cross-national surveys, longitudinal studies, census data, business microdata and administrative data.


CESSDA stands for Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives and ERIC stands for European Research Infrastructure Consortium. CESSDA provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable data services to the social sciences. It brings together social science data archives across Europe, with the aim of promoting the results of social science research and supporting national and international research and cooperation.

Re3data is a global registry of research data repositories that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines. It presents repositories for the permanent storage and access of data sets to researchers, funding bodies, publishers and scholarly institutions.