Studying at the library


  • There are about 150 places available at the library in Campus Tweekerken
  • Booking a seat is not possible

Not all the seats have power supply (yet).  Keep this in mind when plan to work on your laptop.


In the library we try to keep it as quiet as possible.

  • Try to be as silent ass possible, f.e. bring you own head phones
  • You can buy earplugs for 0,50 euros for 2 pairs
  • Don't use your phone in the library
  • Facilities for team assignments are available at the peristilium (Hoveniersberg) and at Campus Mercator.

During the pre-exam and the exam period

  • Follow the instructions of the staff members to make sure everbody can enter the library safely.
  • Only occupy a seat for yourself and not for people that haven't arrived yet.
  • At 9am staff members will check if all seats are occupied by anyone present.  If not: bags, coats or books will be removed so the seat will become available to others.
  • When there aren't any seats available at our library, you can check the city's website to find a spot somewhere else: Study Locations in Ghent