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The Economics programme studies the functioning of the global economy. You will discuss all economic actors and their interactions: families, businesses, financial institutions, government and society. The master’s programme provides you with an advanced insight into economic theories, models and techniques that you can use to analyse and evaluate complex social issues with regard to the interactions and behaviours between economic actors. You’ll learn how these actors make economic choices (consume, production, labour, investments, import, export …), what the consequences are for society and how problems in this matter can be solved best.


In addition to a common part with general courses, you can choose three courses from one major and an elective course from a broad range of courses. You can also do an internship as an elective course. It's a great way to learn potential employers, get acquinted with the workflow of an accountant or auditor and start building your professional network. An internship is definitely an asset for your future career!


Microeconomics: Decision Theory

Macroeconomics: Business Cycles, Innovation and Growth

Econometrics: Time Series Analysis

Financial Institutions and Markets

Economic Policy

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For more detailed information about the courses, such as initial and final competences and teaching and evaluation methods, check the course specifications in the course catalogue.