Doctorates in progress

(FC= approved in the Faculty Concil of ...)

  1. WAUTERS Joris (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC May/19/2010
    Topics in empirische macro
  2. GERHARDT Maria (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET) - FC Jan/26/2011
    Regulation of European banking markets
  3. MERGAERTS Frederik (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET) - FC Sep/05/2012
    Topics in Financial Economics
  4. STIEPERAERE Hannes (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET - Prof. dr. Koen INGELBRECHT) - FC Sep/26/2012
    The Asymmetric Effect of Investor Sentiment
  5. VANTIEGHEM Jessie (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen SCHROORS - Prof. dr. Koen INGHELBRECHT) - FC Oct/17/2012
    Reputation and/or regulation, can credit rating agencies be disciplined?
  6. SJÖDIN John (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Feb/20/2013
    The Efficiency of Futures Markets
  7. BERNARDINI Marco (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC May/15/2013
    Identifying the structural determinants of the fiscal multiplier: a dynamic macroeconomic analysis.
  8. DE WINNE Jasmien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC Jun/19/2013
    The interaction between food prices and the macroeconomy: Implications for monetary policy
  9. LAMPAERT Kevin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Oct/16/2013
    Foreign exchange microstructure
  10. MATTHYS Thomas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET) - FC Apr/30/2014
    Bank interconnectedness, private information, and financial networks in the interbank market.
  11. MEULEMAN Elien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET) - FC Jan/21/2015
    Bank risk and valuation.
  12. ALBUQUERQUE Bruno (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC Aug/26/2015
    The Leveraging and Deleveraging Cycle in the US Household Sector.
  13. PRESENT Thomas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET) - FC Sep/23/2015
    Topics in Empirical Banking
  14. DIERICK Nicolas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Koen INGHELBRECHT - Prof. dr. Dries HEYMAN) - FC Sep/23/2015
    Using transaction data to examine the drivers of investment behavior for different groups of investors
  15. VU HA Phuoc (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Jan/20/2016
    Emerging Markets Finance
  16. VAN DER MERWE Carel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dries HEYMAN - Prof. dr. Michèle VANMAELE) - FC May/18/2016
    A fair valuation framework for IFRS 13 within the context of sparse data
  17. AFAT Dinçer (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Jun/15/2016
    Essays on exchange rates.
  18. DJONDJOUROV Atanas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET - Prof. dr. Dries HEYMAN) - FC Jun/15/2016
    Credit Risk Modeling: Improvement of calibration methods for existing models and integration with market risk.
  19. VAN DER VEKEN Wouter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC Aug/24/2016
    Topics in Empirical Macroeconomics.
  20. NGUYEN Thi xuan linh (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Oct/12/2016
    Emerging Market Finance.
  21. SOENEN Nicolas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Rudi VANDER VENNET - Prof. dr. Koen INGHELBRECHT) - FC Oct/12/2016
    Risk management in financial institutions.
  22. AHMADPOUR Kobra (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michèle VANMAELE) - FC Feb/22/2017
    The effect of economic conditions on the risk-taking behavior of hedge funds.
  23. ASIF Raheel (Prom.: Prof. dr. Michael FRÖMMEL) - FC Apr/26/2017
    Emerging Stock Markets
  24. ONOFRI Marco (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC May/17/2017
    The monetary policy pass-through on the Capital Market channel in the Eurozone: does it changes amongst countries? (Empirical Macroeconomics)
  25. OPITZ Frederic (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gert PEERSMAN) - FC May/17/2017
    Topics in Empirical Macro Economics