External services

External services mainly include the active membership and/or chairmanship of various advisory boards, committees, editorial boards, board of directors, etc. as well as refereeing articles for scientific journals.

Professor Marc De Clercq:

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Belgian Institute for the National Accounts
  • Independent member of the board of directors of VDK Spaarbank
  • Member Board of Directors CVBA Artevelde
  • Chairman Board of Directors Roeland Taalkampen
  • Member Organising Authorities Stella Matutina college
  • Member General Council Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School
  • Member Scientific Board Belgian Institute for International Relations
  • Chairman Council of Wisemen (Voka Oost-Vlaanderen)
  • Member Board of Directors of VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Company) and VAR (Vlaamse Audiovisuele Regie)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee for Price Observation and Price Analysis

Professor Glenn Rayp:

  • Member High Council for Employment
  • Expert Central Economic Council

Professor Koen Schoors:

  • Member executive committee ACES (Association for Comparative Economics)
  • Member executive committee EACES (European Association for Comparative Economics)
  • Delegated Manager Russian Institute
  • Board of Directors VOSEKO (alumni association)
  • Board of Directors CCBLR (Chambre de Commerce Belgo-Luxembourgoise Russe)
  • Board of Directors social artistic non-profit organisation De Vieze Gasten

Professor Johan Albrecht:

  • Senior fellow Itinera Institute
  • Member Commission on Energy 2030