Doctorates in progress

(FC= approved in the Faculty Concil of ...)

  1. VAN BAELEN Freek (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Bart LARIVIÈRE) - FC Nov/25/2009
    Business-to Business in Services: The Role of Contractual and Relational Governance
  2. VAN HOVE Jonas (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE) - FC May/15/2013
    The role of entrepreneurial and harmonious passion in explaining new venture evolution.
  3. YUSUBOVA Ayna (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE) - FC Jun/19/2013
    Innovative Entrepreneurship as a Key Factor for Economic Development in Azerbaijan.
  4. DE POURCQ Kaat (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Dr. Jeroen TRYBOU) - FC Jun/18/2014
    Healthcare operations management
  5. VAZNYTE Egle (Prom.: Prof. dr. Petra ANDRIES) - FC Apr/29/2015
    Entreprenurial projects and (financial) autonomy
  6. BOONE Sarah (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart CLARYSSE - Prof. dr. Petra ANDRIES) - FC Sep/23/2015
    Shedding light on the concept of social entrepreneurship
  7. LECLUYSE Laura (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mirjam KNOCKAERT) - FC Oct/14/2015
    Opening Up the Black Box of Science Park Effectiveness.
  8. TACK Philip (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL) - FC Oct/14/2015
    Cost effectiveness of medical 3D-printing.
  9. COPPENS Karlien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Mirjam KNOCKAERT - Prof. dr. Annelore HUYGHE) - FC Dec/14/2016
    When firm exit is not a dead end. Determinants of successful support and re-entry of exited entrepreneurs.
  10. STAPPERS Jarno (Prom.: Prof. dr. Petra ANDRIES) - FC Feb/22/2017
    ADHD and entrepreneurial behaviour.
  11. RIJSSEGEM Laurence (Prom.: Prof. dr. Petra ANDRIES) - FC Apr/26/2017
    The search for entrepreneurial opportunities