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(02-04-2019) 2019 03 26 visit Brian Anderson

Seminar 1 – March 26
R, R Studio, & GitHub---Transparent Research Workflows
This seminar provides a brief introduction for integrating R and GitHub into your research workflow to improve replicability and transparency. This is a "hands on" workshop---we will be working with RStudio and R Markdown documents and discussing best practices for sharing code and analyses when collaborating with coauthors and when submitting papers for peer review.

Seminar 2 – March 27
Data Visualizations with ggplot2
In this workshop we will be building plots, figures, and other visualizations with ggplot2---part of the Tidyverse suite of packages for the R language. We will focus on visualizations commonly found in entrepreneurship research---plotting interactions and marginal effects, and summarizing panel/longitudinal data.

Seminar 3 – March 28
Publishing in Journal of Business Venturing and Trends in Entrepreneurship Research
This workshop is a conversation about how entrepreneurship journals are dealing with the broader replication crisis in the social sciences, and the increasing rigor and methodological sophistication required for publishing in top entrepreneurship journals.

Presenter information: Brian Anderson is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Bloch School of Management, University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a Visiting Professor at Ghent University. Brian's research is in the areas of strategic entrepreneurship, research design, and structural equation modeling. Brian is an Editor for the Journal of Business Venturing and on the Editorial Board of Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.