Visiting stay Brian Anderson

(20-11-2022) Visiting stay Brian Anderson


During the week of November 14th - 18th 2022, Prof. Dr. Brian Anderson visited the Faculty of Business and Economics at Gent University to meet researchers from the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (CER).
Prof. Brian Anderson is Area Director at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Kansas in the United States and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Economics at Ghent University. He is associate (field) editor at the Journal of Business Venturing (JBV) and in the Editorial Board of Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (ETP). In addition, Brian Anderson is affiliated to the Economics Faculty at Osaka University in Japan and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. His research interests include causal inference, measurement problems, and the Bayesian treatment of the constructs entrepreneurial orientation and strategic entrepreneurial behavior.
During his research stay, Brian Anderson held a multi-day seminar with participants of the CER. In the first two days, the attendants were taught how to properly apply andVisiting stay Brian Anderson 1 interpret moderator effects in the underlying context of entrepreneurship. Brian Anderson paid particular attention to theoretical and methodological pitfalls, including endogeneity issues such as omitted variable bias, sample selection, and measurement errors.
On the third day of the course, the participants - consisting of Phd students, Postdocs, and professors - had the opportunity to gain insights into the work process of a senior scholar. In an interactive session, Brian Anderson demonstrated the central steps on how to ethically and methodologically conduct research. The attendants particularly appreciated the statistical expertise of the instructor, who also gained hands-on experience as a technology entrepreneur in the past. In addition, researchers of the CER had the opportunity to pitch their research projects and receive valuable feedback from the experienced reviewer.

Visiting stay Brian Anderson 2At the end of the week, the CER and Brian Anderson left the university building to explore the city of Gent. Inspired by the traditional culture of Belgium, the visit to the city brewery ‘Gruut’ could not be missed. Surrounded by fermenting kettles, hops, and grains, the participants and Brian Anderson learned exciting facts about the history and production of the local beer. To conclude the eventful week, soccer enthusiast Brian Anderson and colleagues watched the friendly soccer match between Belgium and Egypt which - despite Belgium's defeat - was watched by all participants with anticipation for the World Soccer Championship 2022.

We would like to say thank you to Prof. Dr. Anderson for the novel and exciting inputs he taught us during his research stay and are looking forward to his next visit!