Business Administration Seminar: Henri Burgers

08-01-2020 van 09:00 tot 10:30
Classroom 2.2, campus Tweekerken, building Hoveniersberg, 2nd floor, Tweekerkenstraat 2, 9000 Gent
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Research group Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Entrepreneurship Research Center
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Dear colleagues,


The research group Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center would like to invite you to the External Business Administration Seminar by Henri Burgers, Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship (University of Queensland), which will take place on
Wednesday January, 8th from 11:00 to 12:30 in classroom 2.2 (Campus Tweekerken, Tweekerkenstraat 2, Ghent; building Hoveniersberg, second floor).


Flipping the script: how innovation contests help create more entrepreneurial organizations



Innovation contests or hackathons are challenges set by an organisation to generate new ideas for products or services provided by external parties. The ideas are typically further developed through innovation processes inside the organization before being introduced on the market. This reveals an important conundrum when it comes to the role of innovation contests in less entrepreneurial firms. On the one hand, such externally generated ideas may compensate for a lack of ideas generated inside the organization. On the other hand, such stagnant firms may lack entrepreneurial processes and practices to internalize and capitalize on those ideas. This begs the question of how and under what conditions an innovation contest can be used to increase entrepreneurial outcomes in stagnant firms (beyond new product ideas)? To address this question we conducted a 2-year inductive case study using interviews, observational, and longitudinal survey data of three stagnant firms operating in the financial services industry launching an innovation contest. The focal firms featured in this paper constitute three similar starting points running a highly similar innovation contest, but started to show stark contrasts over time as two became significantly more entrepreneurial as a result of the innovation contest and one did not. Our analysis revealed various ways by which effectiveness of innovation contests can be conceptualized and operationalized, specifying multiple mechanisms and boundary conditions to operating an innovation contest that appear to enrich entrepreneurial orientation. We build an emerging theoretical framework providing much-needed insight into how external open innovation practices such as innovation contests can help build effective entrepreneurial organizational structures and practices.


Henri Burgers is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at The University of Queensland. His research focuses on the intersection of corporate entrepreneurship, managerial and organisational capabilities, and institutional contexts with the aim of helping individuals and organisations unlock their entrepreneurial potential. He has published in top journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing and Long Range Planning. He has worked with leading firms, industry associations and governments across the globe. His research received well over 1mln AUD in research funding, including two prestigious grants from the Australian Research Council to improve entrepreneurship and innovation in the natural resources industries.