Nieuwjaarswensen decaan Prof. Patrick Van Kenhove

(13-01-2020) First of all: my best wishes for 2020. I hope all your dreams may come true.

Beste wensen voor 2020!

Om te beginnen: in naam van het facultair bestuur en mezelf: onze allerbeste wensen voor 2020.

First of all: my best wishes for 2020. I hope all your dreams may come true. The start of the new year always provides renewed energy to tackle important projects within our Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. I will look back on the most important achievements of 2019 and look forward to the ambitions for 2020.

Talrijke collega’s bezorgden input i.v.m. de verwezenlijkingen van 2019 en de doelen voor 2020. De lijst van verwezenlijkingen in 2019 is immens lang en impressionant. Jullie, wij, mogen terecht fier zijn op wat jullie hebben gerealiseerd. Mijn welgemeende dank aan iedereen hiervoor. Samen hebben we dit gerealiseerd. Ik besteed er dan ook graag per onderwerp of per geleding de nodige aandacht aan, wetende dat dit slechts een beperkte selectie is. 2019 was trouwens een jubileumjaar: 50 jaar FEB, met tal van activiteiten: serieus, culinair, ludiek en sportief: de voetbalmatch tegen de VEK (die we verloren), taart voor iedereen, eredoctoraten, een fantastische veiling voor het goede doel, …



The sustainability committee wants to make the FEB a more sustainable place and I applaud that very much. Sustainability is one of our university-wide policy choices. The sustainability committee will soon impress every FEB member with a bottom-up sustainability campaign. It is the intention that all FEB members should think about their behavior in terms of sustainability and implement small or larger interventions, linked to their job. Together with the dean’s office, the committee also realized a zero waste coffee corner for students and staff, there will be planted a flower meadow in 2020  and there will come a drying room for cycling clothing for staff who come to work by bicycle. As a faculty, we increasingly want to opt for sustainable catering and I also want to support sustainable business trips. There are already a few people within the faculty who have an exemplary role in this. Go talk to them! You can read more about it in the current FEB alumni magazine. Sustainability has also been implemented in our programs.



I would like to talk about the importance of feedback. We all need feedback in order to grow and that proved to be a bottleneck in the university-wide well-being survey. That is why the FEB wants to invest more in an open feedback culture in which both ZAP and OAP, AAP, ATP feel safe to give and receive feedback. In 2020, as an initiative of the Welfare at Work committee, the faculty will organize training courses to promote this open feedback culture at all levels. I can recommend everybody to follow the feedback sessions. There will be English-taught sessions.


Research and education: our core business


  • There is a new sabbatical policy in the area of ​​research. The first applications were granted in 2019.
  • Two faculty postdoc mandates have been awarded.
  • Two members of The Department of Public Governance and Management will soon defend the very first two doctorates in Public Governance and management.
  • In the context of the AACSB accreditation, other research activities have been mapped in addition to the measurement of the research output of publications.
  • The supervision of pre-doc and post-doc FWO and BOF grant applications are coordinated more intensively.
  • The Brown Bag Seminars: your evaluation: very useful information sessions for FEB researchers.
  • We will continue to do all the above in 2020, but we will focus even more heavily on the talent management of students with an excellence program and the talent management of researchers by means of doctoral reforms and  research videos targeted at different audiences.
  • We awarded two honorary doctorates. One to Prof. Nicholas Stern and one to Erik-Hans Klijn.
  • In 2019, the OAP council initiated the development of a poster for each department addressing their research agenda. In the near future, they will be exposed in the clipboards in the hallway. Active participation and ‘dare to think’ also resulted in the idea of a job market platform for PhD candidates entering the job market. In 2020 the OAP council will further develop this initiative.



  • The arrival of new professors and colleagues. Something more about this later.
  • The start of the educational master with more than 50 students.
  • The new concept of the introduction day for new students was an important achievement. Students got by means of gamification the faculty information before the start of the academic year. Students got to know each other before the actual start.
  • The launch of DUGA 2.0, for the whole UGent community!
  • The fourth edition of the study day on accounting education took place with active learning as a central theme. More than 100 teachers enjoyed the day with a very interesting introductory session by our vice-rector and the presentation by Jan Verhoeye about the new accounting legislation.



Our faculty has more than 150 international partners for student-exchange. In 2019, several colleagues from all our programs have been screening, with the technical support from the International Office, the programs of all these international partners.

The aim was and is to guarantee the academic quality of our exchange network. In 2020, all the existing Erasmus agreements will be renewed.

We look back at a very successful Study abroad partner fair about Erasmus


Wat de studenten betreft ben ik trots op de verdere integratie van de VEK en Moeder Lies, de succesvolle job days, de UGent business game ...


Mijn beste wensen, bedankt voor alles en laten we er samen een mooi 2020 van maken.

Ik wil van de gelegenheid gebruik maken om de collega’s die het afgelopen jaar met pensioen zijn gegaan: Martine Veys, Yves Fassin, Frank Naert, Ludo Peferoen en Ludo Theunissen in de bloemetjes te zetten. We bezorgen hen graag een geschenkmand als blijk voor hun jarenlange inzet.

Ik eindig met een paar citaten: al deze resultaten zijn het werk van gemotiveerde samenwerkende leden van een team: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” (old African proverb)

En nog een laatste: we leven in een uitdagende disruptieve omgeving: laat ons dit niet als een bedreiging zien maar als een opportuniteit. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change (Stephen Hawking)

I can go on for hours about how proud I am about all your capacities and our faculty, but that would be a waste of the reception that is waiting for you. My best wishes, thanks for everything and let's make it a beautiful 2020 together.