About our department

The Department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior is an interdisciplinary team, responsible for education, research and service in HRM and organizational behavior.


The department contributes to the range of courses in the field of social sciences , strategic management, HRM, organizational behavior and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Our research is dedicated to a better understanding of the relationship between HRM-systems, organizational behavior and performance. We aim to examine and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of various management practices, systems , strategies and policies in organizations. In addition, the research conducted within the department focuses on the role of employees, managers and teams in the Management – Organizational Performance relationship. The central question is how organizational management systems, strategies, culture and behavior can be optimized to facilitate and improve employee, team, HR department and organizational performance.
We do this by:
• research from a multidisciplinary approach
• with a central focus on the added value of managerial systems and practices
• keeping the economic value chain in mind
• and focusing on the strategic aspects of HRM and organizational behavior.


The service focuses primarily on spreading these management insights to the private/public sectors and social profit.