Master dissertations

Topics for master dissertations under guidance of the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour can be found at Minerva, the electronic learning platform of Ghent University (logging in is mandatory).

  • start Minerva ( and log in
  • click in the menu on the right side on "Multiple year courses" ("Meerjarencursussen")
  • click at the bottom on "register for (other) courses" ("inschrijven voor (andere) cursussen")
  • select the faculty of Economics and Business Administration ("Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskudne")
  • click on "Enroll for selected multiple year courses" ("inschrijven voor de geselecteerde meerjarencursussen")
  • go back to the tab "My Minerva" ("Mijn Minerva")

The list "My Minerva" ("Mijn Minerva") now mentionnes the course "Masterproeven FEB".
You can find the topics list in the document section of this course.