External services

External services mainly include the active membership and/or chairmanship of various advisory boards, committees, editorial boards, board of directors, etc. as well as refereeing articles for scientific journals.

Joris Voets

      • External Audit Committee member of the VDAB
      • Member magazine Editors 'Flemish Journal of Public Management' (Die Keure)
      • Member magazine Editors 'Space & Society' (Garant)
      • Board member of the Flemish Association for Spatial Planning (VRP vzw)
      • Member of International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM)
      • External consultant in Language Working Group and Company of the Research Council of the University College of Ghent

Bertel De Groote

      • Honorary research assistant Faculty of Law, University of Liège
      • Honorary scientific employee Faculty of Law University Faculties Notre- Dame de la Paix Namur
      • Member International Association for Consumer Law
      • Team member of the Cooperation VLIR Université du Burundi
      • Member of the Scientific Committee for UTU (Universele Thesaurus)
      • Member of the Scientific Committee for the Yearbook Credit Law and Collective debt settlement
      • Editorial Board Member Handbook Debt ( Flemish Centre Indebtedness - Politeia )
      • Member editorial Revue du Droit des Technologies de l' Information ( Larcier )
      • Member editorial BAMA codex (die Keure) , Codex Economics (die Keure) , Accountancy & Taxation Code ( Larcier )
      • Member of the Centre's Executive Committee for Taxation and Budget

Bruno Seutin

      • Member of the Supreme Council for the Enforcement Policy

Bram Verschuere

    • member "Jonge Academie"
    • Organizer of workshops at international conferences (EGPA, EURAM, NIG, IRSPM)
    • Reviewer for international journals (o.a. Public Management Review, Public Administration, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory)
    • Editorial ' independence and cooperation at the local level ',  Politeia Publisher
    • Organiser/conference co-chair 'EGPA/ASPA Transatlantic Dialogue', June 2016, Faculty of Economics and Business Economics, Ghent University
    • Chairman working group  administration and policy of the Union of Political Science ( Belgium )

Ellen Wayenberg

  • Co-chair of the EGPA permanent study group on Regional and Local Government
  • Member Editing journal 'Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Overheidsmanagement' (Die Keure)
  • Reviewer at international journals (among others: 'International Review of Administrative Sciences', 'Local Government Studies', 'Urban Research and Practice')
  • Member of the steering committee project 'Advocacy for Health in the run-up to the local elections of 14 October 2018'
  • Member of the Thematic group Government - Statistics Flanders
  • Member of various doctoral / advisory committees at other Flemish universities