he educational assignment of the department Public Management consists of lecturing courses, guiding students, giving exercises, evaluating students and counselling final essays. The subjects of members of the department are mentioned below.




Study guide 2021-2022

Course offerings and teaching methods

Lieselot Danneels

eGovernment (F000833) SEM 1 [nl]
Research methods applied in public administration and management (F000817) SEM 1 [nl]

Claire Dupont

European Union Politics and Policy (F710382) SEM 1 [en]
European Integration and Multi-Level Governance (F710383) SEM 1 [en]

Marleen Easton

  Change Management  (F000820) SEM 2 [en]
Governance of Security  (F710372) SEM 1 [en]
Seminar on Security Policy  (F710366) SEM 1 [nl]

Bert George

Public Management  (F710340) SEM 2 [en]
Strategic Management and Policy (F000857) SEM 1 [nl]

Jurgen Neuts

  Administrative Law: Introduction and Administrative Contention (F710365) SEM 1 [nl]
  Constitutional Law for Public Administration (F710380) SEM 2 [nl]

Francesco Nicoli

Enterprise and Government (F710082) SEM 1 [en]
International Economics  (F710160) SEM 1 [en]

Sabine Rotthier

  eGovernment  (F000833) SEM 1 [nl]

Bruno Seutin

  Principles of Issuing Rules (F710363)

Carine Smolders

Public Finance  (F000205) SEM 1 [nl]
  Public Finance  (F710364) SEM 1 [nl]
Policy Evaluation (F000822) SEM 1 [nl]
Research Methods Quantitative (F710353) SEM 1 [nl]

Eddy Storms

  Administrative Law: Introduction and Administrative Contention (F710365) SEM 1 [nl]
  Introduction to Law (F710379) SEM 2 [nl]

Ben Suykens

  Seminar on Social Profit Sector (F710355) SEM 2 [nl]

Gudrun Vande Walle

  Integrity Management in the Public and Private Sector (F000930) SEM 1 [nl]

Johan Vandendriessche

  ICT Law (F710172) SEM 1 [nl]

Véronique Vanderhoudelingen

  Entrepreneurship (F710117) SEM 2 [nl]
Research Methods for Business I (F710232) SEM 2 [nl]
Introduction Research Methods (F710362) SEM 2 [nl]

Sabine Vanoverbeke

  Social Law (F710281) SEM 1 [nl]

Dries Verlet

  Research Methods Quantitative  (F710353) SEM 1 [nl]

Bram Verschuere

  Seminar on Social Profit Sector  (F710355) SEM 2 [nl]
  Comparative public administration and management (F000815) SEM 2 [en]
  Seminar on Welfare Policy  (F710356) SEM 1 [nl]
Public Administration. An Introduction (F710340) SEM 1 [nl]

Joris Voets

Seminar on Local Government  (F710354) SEM 2 [nl]
Network Management in the Public Sector  (F710358) SEM 1 [nl]
  Public Governance (F710384) SEM 2 [en]

Ellen Wayenberg

  Policy Evaluation (F000822) SEM 1 [nl]
  Public Policy (F700002) SEM 1 [nl]